Tachyphylaxis and Phase II Block Development during Infusion of Succinylcholine in Children
Effect of Fentanyl on Myocardial Fatty Acid and Carbohydrate Metabolism and Oxygen Utilization during Experimental Ischemia
Intravenous Albumin Administration for Prevention of Spinal Hypotension during Cesarean Section
Pulmonary Function following 'Pretreatment' Dose of Pancuronium in Volunteers
Nitroprusside and Mitral Stenosis
Halothane-Induced Suppression of Cell-Mediated Immunity in Normal and Tumor-Bearing C3HfHe Mice
Failure of Cyanide to Antagonize Sodium Nitroprusside in Vivo in Dogs
Neuromuscular Drug Interactions of Clinical Importance
Mixtures of Local Anesthetics
Thiopental-Nitrous Oxide-Halothane Anesthesia and Repeated Succinylcholine
Effect of Hydroxyzine on Morphine Analgesia for the Treatment of Postoperative Pain
Changes in Blood Pressure with Varying Rates of Administration of d-Tubocurarine
Stenting of the Endotracheal Tube to Manage Airway Obstruction in the Prone Position
Spinal Subdural Epiarachnoid Hematoma
General Anesthesia in a Child with Urticaria Pigmentosa
Massive Doses of Nitroglycerin in a Patient with Variant Angina
Amphetamine Abuse and Obstetrical Anesthesia
Unusual Case of Recovery Room Air Pollution
Circle Absorber and Soda Lime Contamination
The Concept of a Blood-Brain Barrier
Anesthetic Exposure in the Workplace
Sedation, Local and General Anesthesia in Dentistry, Third Edition
Practical Dental Anaesthesia
Law for the Medical Practitioner
The Human Cardiovascular System
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