Baroreceptor Reflexes and Pulmonary Hemodynamics during Halothane and Halothane-Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia in the Dog
Atropine and Glycopyrrolate
Hemodynamic Effects of Butorphanol-Oxygen Anesthesia in Dogs
Failure of Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation to Alleviate Experimental Tourniquet Pain
Serum Potassium Levels during and after Terbutaline
Postoperative Pain Relief by Epidural Morphine
Use of Propranolol to Control Rate-Pressure Product during Cardiac Anesthesia
Adult Body Temperature and Heated Humidification of Anesthetic Gases during General Anesthesia
Indirect Measurement of Blood Pressure in Neonates and Infants Utilizing an Automatic Noninvasive Oscillometric Monitor
Postoperative Hypothermia in Adults
Comparison of Bupivacaine, Etidocaine, and Saline for Trigger-Point Therapy
Evaluation of Lidocaine Spinal Anesthesia in the Rhesus Monkey
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Preoperative Shock Secondary to Severe Hypokalemia and Hypocalcemia from Recreational Enemas
Bartter's Syndrome
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Hepatic Blood Flow, Halothane, and Hypoxia
Hepatic Blood Flow, Halothane, and Hypoxia
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Humidification of Anesthetic Gases
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