Comparison of CB5 and V5 Leads for Intraoperative Electrocardiographic Monitoring
Serotonergic Activity in Man as a Function of Pain, Pain Mechanisms, and Depression
Comparison of Equipotent Doses of Non-depolarizing Muscle Relaxants in Children
Influence of Hypothermia or Hyperthermia Alone or in Combination with Pentobarbital or Phenytoin on Survival Time in Hypoxic Mice
Safety of Enflurane following Administration of Aminophylline in Experimental Animals
Delayed Onset of Epidural Anesthesia in Patients with Back Pain
Effects of Enflurane on Release of Insulin by Pancreatic Islets in Vitro
Prevention of Fire Hazards Associated with Use of Carbon Dioxide Lasers
Calculation and Correction of Blood-Gas and Acid-Base Variables with a Versatile Computer Program
Dissociation between Local Anesthetic and Membrane-Stabilizing Actions in Antiarrhythmic Beta-Adrenergic Blockers and Local Anesthetics
A Study of a Noninvasive Method for Measuring Central Venous Pressure during General Anesthesia
Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscope for Difficult Nasogastric Intubation
Anesthesia and the Patient with Complete Congenital Heart Block
Prolonged Induction with Exaggerated Chamber Enlargement in Ebstein's Anomaly
Posttetanic Facilitation as Index for Antagonism of Phase II Block of Succinylcholine in Patients with Atypical Cholinesterase
Durability of the Y-Piece
Gallamine Cumulation Ratios
Spinal Cord Effects of Epinephrine
Physiology of Spinal Anesthesia, Third Edition
Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases
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Respiratory Patient Care
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