Plasma Morphine Concentrations and Analgesic Effects of Lumbar Extradural Morphine and Heroin
Circulatory Effects of Isoflurane in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease
Effects of Diazepam Premedication and Epinephrine-Containing Local Anesthetic on Cardiovascular and Plasma Catecholamine Responses to Oral Surgery
Perioperative Changes in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
Reliability and Validity of Psychomotor Tests as Measures of Recovery from Isoflurane or Enflurane Anesthesia in a Day-Care Surgery Unit
Anesthetic Complications in Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease
Pulmonary Aspiration—Effects of Volume and pH in the Rat
Pentobarbital Antagonizes the Effect of Morphine on Cardiac Acceleration Response to Noxious Stimulation
A Controlled Comparison of Techniques for Locating the Internal Jugular Vein Using Ultrasonography
Continuous Axillary Brachial Plexus Block—A Clinical and Anatomical Study
Anesthetic Management of the First Permanent, Orthotopic, Prosthetic Cardiac Replacement (Total Artificial Heart) in Man
Liquid-Gas Partition Coefficients of Halothane and Isoflurane in Perfluorodecalin, Fluosol-DA, and Blood/Fluosol-DA Mixtures
Halothane-Succinylcholine Induced Masseter Spasm
Elevated Intraoperative Carboxyhemoglobin Levels To the Editor
Anesthetic Management of Mediastinal Masses To the Editor
Acid Aspiration
Acid Aspiration
Flash Fire Hazard with Eye Ointment
A CAT with a Birth Defect
Uvular Edema in Pediatric Patients
Epinephrine and Systemic Local Anesthetic Toxicity
Gas Analyzer or Anesthesia Circuit Malfunction? Let Room Air Decides
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