Brief Periods of Hypoxia Can Produce Hepatic Injury in Rats
Isoflurane Does Not Prevent Hepatic Injury Produced by Halothane in Rats
Muscle Electromechanical Correlations during Succinylcholine Infusion
Hemodynamic Effects of Ketamine in Children with Congenital Heart Disease
Antagonism of Diazepam by Aminophylline in Healthy Volunteers
Ranitidine and Metoclopramide for Prophylaxis of Aspiration Pneumonitis in Elective Surgery
Hematocrit and the Solubility of Volatile Anesthetics in Blood
A Suitable Substitute for 4% Cocaine before Blind Nasotracheal Intubation
Electrical Nerve Location
Comparison of Insulated and Uninsulated Needles for Locating Peripheral Nerves with a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
Molecular Mechanisms of Anesthesia
EEG Changes due to Unsuspected Aortic Dissection during Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Migration of Tips of Central Venous Catheters in Seated Patients
ECG-Guided Placement of Sorenson CVP Catheters via Arm Veins
Jet Ventilation of One Lung for Laser Resection of Bronchial Tumor
Oxygen Analyzers Unreliable as Disconnection Alarms
Epidural Autologous Blood Patch on an Outpatient Basis
Low Thermodilution Cardiac Output Due to an Intracatheter Septal Defect
New Pharmacologic Vistas in Anesthesia. Contemporary Anesthesia Practice.
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