The Influence of Acidosis on the Distribution of Lidocaine and Bupivacaine into the Myocardium and Brain of the Sheep
Hepatic Circulation during Surgical Stress and Anesthesia with Halothane, Isoflurane, or Fentanyl
Midazolam Antagonizes the Analgesic Effect of Morphine in Rats
Lack of Size-Related Differential Sensitivity to Equilibrium Conduction Block among Mammalian Myelinated Axons Exposed to Lidocaine
Toxicity of Chloroprocaine and Sodium Bisulfite on Human Neuroblastoma Cells
End-Tidal Pco2 Measurements Sampled at the Distal and Proximal Ends of the Endotracheal Tube in Infants and Children
Spinal Anesthesia with Glucose-Free Bupivacaine
Partition Coefficients of I-653 in Human Blood, Saline, and Olive Oil
MAC of I-653 in Rats, Including a Test of the Effect of Body Temperature and Anesthetic Duration
Rates of Awakening from Anesthesia with I-653, Halothane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane
Stability of I-653 in Soda Lime
Lack of Influence of Cimetidine on Bupivacaine Levels during Parturition
Bunegin-Albin Catheter Improves Air Retrieval and Resuscitation from Lethal Venous Air Embolism in Dogs
The Effects of Age, Epinephrine, and Operative Site on Duration of Caudal Analgesia in Pediatric Patients
Analgesic and Cardiorespiratory Effects of Epidural Sufentanil and Morphine in Humans
Erythrocyte Fragility Screening Is Not a Tool for Diagnosis of Human Malignant Hyperthermia
Effects of Lidocaine Infusion on the Sympathetic Response to Abdominal Surgery
Use of a Double-Lumen Endotracheal Tube with Independent Lung Ventilation for Treatment of Refractory Atelectasis
Comparison of Blood Pressure Measurement by Doppler and by Pulse Oximetry Techniques
Accidental Epidural Magnesium Sulfate Injection
Topical Nitroglycerin for Intraoperative Penile Turgescence
Thiopental Dose-Response Relations in Unpremedicated Infants, Children, and Adults
Hemodynamic and Metabolic Effects of Two Anesthetic Techniques in Children Undergoing Surgical Repair of Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
Alternating Periodic Leg Movement Induced by Spinal Anesthesia in an Elderly Male
Sympathetic Blockade and Tourniquet Pain in Surgery of the Upper Extremity
Intravenous Lidocaine
Postoperative Quadriplegia after Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis with Intraoperative Awakening
Malignant Hyperthermia in a Three-Month-Old American Indian Infant
Relationship between Esophageal Temperature Gradient and Heart and Lung Sounds Heard by Esophageal Stethoscope
Hypertensive Reaction to Indigo Carmine during Transurethral Resection of a Bladder Tumor
A Simple Way to Monitor Inspired Oxygen Concentration in Nonrebreathing Circuits
Blitz Intubation-A Useful Synonym
Physostigmine Reversal of General Anesthesia
Inappropriate Attachment of PEEP Valve Causing Total Obstruction of Ventilation Bag
Use of Succinylcholine in Patients with Decreased Plasma Cholinesterase Activity
Epinephrine Reduces Systemic Absorption of Extradural Diacetylmorphine (Heroin)
Epidural Blood Patch in a Jehovah's Witness
Improving Anesthesia Mask Fit in Edentulous Patients
Seizures after Anesthesia
Seizures after Anesthesia
Nitrous Oxide Should Not Be Used during Laser Endoscopic Surgery
Nitrous Oxide Should Not Be Used during Laser Endoscopic Surgery
Delayed Filling of the Breathing Bag due to a Portable Vaporizer
Detection of Systemic to Pulmonary Shunt by End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Concentration
A Hitherto Unreported Virtue of the Isolated Power System
Preoxygenation and Electroconvulsive Therapy
A Breathing-Circuit Stethoscope for Continuous Monitoring of Breath Sounds
Radial Arterial Foreign Body as a Cause of Wrist Pain
Removal of Endotracheal Tube Connectors
The Psychological Experience of Surgery
Anesthesia and Neurosurgery
Drug Interaction in Anesthesia
Epidemiology in Anaesthesia
Principles and Practice of Research
Anesthesia and the Geriatric Patient
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