Combining Evidence From Clinical Trials
Prevention of Succinylcholine Myalgias
Single-Dose Interpleural Versus Intercostal Blockade
Is Chronic Ethanol Consumption Associated With Tolerance to Intrathecal Lidocaine in the Rat?
Effect of Nifedipine on Morphine-Induced Analgesia
Inotropic Effect of Meperidine
Cooling Potentiates Lidocaine Inhibition of Median Nerve Sensory Fibers
Postoperative Sore Throat
Hearing Loss After Spinal Anesthesia Is Related to Needle Size
Blood Gas Analysis of Mixed Venous Blood During Normoxic Acute Isovolemic Hemodilution in Pigs
Effect of Enflurane on Contractile Reactivity in Isolated Canine Mesenteric Arteries and Veins
A Comparison of Labetalol and Nitroprusside for Inducing Hypotension During Major Surgery
Epinephrine and Phenylephrine Increase Cardiorespiratory Toxicity of Intravenously Administered Bupivacaine in Rats
Perioperative Management of the Multiorgan Donor
Alfentanil and Delayed Respiratory Depression
Percutaneous Pulmonary Artery Catheterization in Pediatric Cardiovascular Anesthesia
Epidural Blood Patch
Intravenous Injection of Liquid Halothane
Prophylactic Epidural Blood Patch in Obstetrics
Prophylactic Epidural Blood Patch in Obstetrics
Ordinal Data Are Not Interval Data
Prior Gastric Surgery and the Risk of Regurgitation
Desipramine Potentiates Anesthetic and Lethal Effects of Ketamine
Medicine for Anaesthetists
Anesthesiology Clinics of North America
Problems in Anesthesia
Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumentation, 3rd Edition
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