Barbiturates Inhibit Endothelium-Dependent and Independent Relaxations Mediated by Cyclic GMP
Propofol for Ambulatory Gynecologic Laparoscopy
Use of Forced-Air Warming During and After Outpatient Arthroscopic Surgery
Renal Function and Proteinuria After Cardiopulmonary Bypass
The Effects of Hypothermic and Normothermic Cardiopulmonary Bypass on Glyceryl Trinitrate Activity
The Influence of Anesthesia on Myocardial Oxygen Utilization Efficiency in Patients Undergoing Coronary Bypass Surgery
Pure Opioid Versus Opioid-Volatile Anesthesia for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
A Cholinergic Agonist Induces Cerebral Hyperemia in Isoflurane-but Not Pentobarbital-Anesthetized Dogs
Cerebral Vasomotor Responsiveness to Carbon Dioxide is Preserved During Propofol and Midazolam Anesthesia in Humans
Trabecular Outflow Facility and Formation Rate of Aqueous Humor During Intravenous Cocaine or Lidocaine in Rabbits
Effects of Systemic Cooling and Rewarming on the Evoked Spinal Cord Potentials and Local Spinal Cord Blood Flow in Dogs
Effects of Hypothermic Metabolic Suppression on Hippocampal Glutamate Concentrations After Transient Global Cerebral Ischemia
The Premature Infant
The Use of Fentanyl Added to Morphine-Lidocaine–Epinephrine Spinal Solution in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section
Pulse Oximetry During Lumbar Epidural Anesthesia
Laser-Doppler Evaluation of Spinal Cord Blood Flow After Intrathecal Administration of an N–Methyl–D–Aspartate Antagonist in Rats
Acute Preoperative Hemodilution in Patients Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy
Cardiovascular Changes During Continuous Hyperthermic Peritoneal Perfusion
Relationship Between Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy and Gastric Contents
Topographical Differences in the Direct Effects of Isoflurane on Airway Smooth Muscle
The General Anesthetic Propofol Inhibits Transmembrane Calcium Current in Chick Sensory Neurons
Direct Effects of Intravenous Anesthetics on Pulmonary Vascular Resistance in the Isolated Rat Lung
Are Hypotension and Rash After Atracurium Really Caused by Histamine Release?
Mild Intraoperative Hypothermia Does Not Change the Pharmacodynamics (Concentration-Effect Relationship) of Vecuronium in Humans
An Effectiveness Study of a New Piezoelectric Sensor for Train-of–Four Measurement
Clinical Assessment of the Augustine GuideTM for Endotracheal Intubation
Prophylactic Antiemetic Therapy with Patient-Controlled Analgesia
Anticholinergic Drugs
Cardiovascular and Coronary Physiology of Acute Isovolemic Hemodilution
Bradycardia Related to Sudden Decreases in Intracranial Pressure During Craniotomy
Relative Resistance to Intrathecal Local Anesthetics
An Unusual Cause of Carbon Dioxide Rebreathing in a Circle Absorber System
Active Swallowing to Aid LMA Insertion in Awake Patients
A Novel Application of the Nellcor® Easy CapTM End-Tidal CO, Detector
Why is the Laser–Guard Protective Coating Better Than the Foil Tapes?
Why is the Laser–Guard Protective Coating Better Than the Foil Tapes?
Bacterial Counts on the Hands of Anesthetists and Anesthesia Technicians
Methodology, Meaning, and Misleading Conclusions
Methodology, Meaning, and Misleading Conclusions
Propofol at a Subanesthetic Dose May Have Abuse Potential in Healthy Volunteers
Propofol at a Subanesthetic Dose May Have Abuse Potential in Healthy Volunteers
Response to Spinal Anesthesia After Inadequate Epidural Anesthesia
Dental Considerations in Airway Evaluation
Dental Considerations in Airway Evaluation
Monitoring in Anesthesiology
Pediatrics for the Anesthesiologist
The Pulmonary Artery Catheter, Methodology & Clinical Applications,
Anesthesiology, Problem-Oriented Patient Management,
Year Book of Anesthesia and Pain Management, 1993
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