Oral Clonidine Premedication Reduces Postoperative Pain in Children
Bupivacaine Plasma Concentrations During Continuous Epidural Anesthesia in Infants and Children
Perioperative Plasma Concentrations of Endothelin and Natriuretic Peptides in Children Undergoing Living-Related Liver Transplantation
Hemodynamic Effects of Amrinone in Children After Fontan Surgery
Relationship Between End-Tidal and Arterial Carbon Dioxide with Laryngeal Mask Airways and Endotracheal Tubes in Children
Displacement of the Endotracheal Tube Caused by Change of Head Position in Pediatric Anesthesia
Continuous Hypopharyngeal pH Measurements in Spontaneously Breathing Anesthetized Outpatients
Postoperative alpha2-Adrenergic Stimulation Attenuates Protein Catabolism
The Effects of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Agonists and Antagonists on Isolated Bovine Cerebral Arteries
Validation in Volunteers of a Near-Infrared Spectroscope for Monitoring Brain Oxygenation In Vivo
The Influence of Carbon Dioxide and Body Position on Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Assessment of Cerebral Hemoglobin Oxygen Saturation
Pregnancy and Ephedrine Increase the Release of Nitric Oxide in Ovine Uterine Arteries
Epinephrine-Induced Tachycardia Is Different from Contraction-Associated Tachycardia in Laboring Patients
The Effects of Needle Type, Gauge, and Tip Bend on Spinal Needle Deflection
Repeated Dural Punctures Increase the Incidence of Postdural Puncture Headache
The Effects of Epidural Anesthesia on Ventilatory Response to Hypercapnia and Hypoxia in Elderly Patients
Hemodynamic Effects of Spinal Anesthesia in the Elderly
Compound Motor Action Potential Recording Distinguishes Differential Onset of Motor Block of the Obturator Nerve in Response to Etidocaine or Bupivacaine
Nonanesthetics Can Suppress Learning
Propofol Produces Differences in Behavior but Not Chloride Channel Function Between Selected Lines of Mice
Surgical Patients' Attitudes Regarding Participation in Clinical Anesthesia Research
Tropisetron for the Prevention of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Women Undergoing Gynecologic Surgery
The Effects of Sevoflurane, Enflurane, and Isoflurane on Baroreceptor-Sympathetic Reflex in Rabbits
Effect of Halothane and Isoflurane on In Situ Diameter Responses of Small Mesenteric Veins to Acute Graded Hypercapnia
Intravenous Lidocaine Does Not Attenuate the Cardiovascular and Catecholamine Response to a Rapid Increase in Desflurane Concentration
The Effects of Ketamine on Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Phrenic Nerve Activity in Rabbits (with Vagotomy) With and Without Afferent Inputs from Peripheral Receptors
Comparison of End-Tidal PCO2 and Average Alveolar Expired PCO2 During Positive End-Expiratory Pressure
The Effect of Increase in End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide on Lower Esophageal Sphincter Tone
Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurements by Different Devices Are Not Interchangeable
Responses to Nondepolarizing Neuromuscular Blockers and Succinylcholine in von Recklinghausen Neurofibromatosis
Neither Skin Tests nor Serum Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Tests Provide Specificity for Protamine Allergy
Blood Substitutes
Permanent Unilateral Vestibulocochlear Dysfunction After Spinal Anesthesia
Intrathecal Bleeding After the Intraoperative Use of Heparin and Urokinase During Continuous Spinal Anesthesia
Prone Position
Mitral Valve Replacement in a Patient with Acute Intermittent Porphyria
Unexplained Transient Postoperative Myocardial Dysfunction in a Previously Healthy Child
Jugular Venous Desaturation Due to Epidural Hematoma After Craniotomy
Unexpected Difficult Tracheal Reintubation After Thyroglossal Duct Surgery
Effects of Temperature and Propofol on Hepatic Blood Flow
Effects of Temperature and Propofol on Hepatic Blood Flow
What to Do When Your Patients Outweigh Your Scales--Another Alternative
Another Use of the Intravenous Regional Block Technique
Infection Control Precautions and Anesthesia
Infection Control Precautions and Anesthesia
Ketorolac and Platelet Function
Ketorolac and Platelet Function
Transesophageal Atrial Pacing in Patients with Nasal- or Oral-Gastric Tubes
Latex Allergy and Plastic Syringes
Latex Allergy and Plastic Syringes
On Rotating the Epidural Needle
On Rotating the Epidural Needle
The Laryngeal Mask Airway for Stereotactic Implantation of Fetal Hypophysis
Mechanical Chin Support During General Anesthesia
The Safety of Sevoflurane Has Not Been Adequately Established
The Safety of Sevoflurane Has Not Been Adequately Established
Intraarticular Ketorolac
Intraarticular Ketorolac
Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia
Reflux of Gastric Acid and Tracheal Stenosis
Influence of Anesthetics on Formation of Brain Edema
Influence of Anesthetics on Formation of Brain Edema
Optic Nerve Injury
Optic Nerve Injury
Inadvertent Extubation in Infants Fails to Trigger the Low Pressure Alarm of the Ohmeda Model 7000 Anesthesia Ventilator
Blood Pressure Monitoring in Hemiplegic Patients
Calcium Administration in Rhabdomyolysis May Be Detrimental
Calcium Administration in Rhabdomyolysis May Be Detrimental
Direct Laryngoscopy with the Aid of a Fiberoptic Bronchoscope for Tracheal Intubation
Propofol Concentrations--An Alternative Explanation
Propofol Concentrations--An Alternative Explanation
The Level is TEE-FORE
The Practice of Thoracic Anesthesia
A Practical Approach to Cardiac Anesthesia, 2nd ed
Textbook of Critical Care, 3rd ed