Cognition After Coronary Artery Surgery Is Not Related to Postoperative Jugular Bulb Oxyhemoglobin Desaturation
Xenon Administration During Early Reperfusion Reduces Infarct Size After Regional Ischemia in the Rabbit Heart In Vivo
Recovery from Myocardial Stunning Is Faster with Desflurane Compared with Propofol in Chronically Instrumented Dogs
Comparing Doppler Ultrasonography and Cerebral Oximetry as Indicators for Shunting in Carotid Endarterectomy
A Comparison of the Spasmolytic Effects of Olprinone and Aminophylline on Serotonin-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension and Bronchoconstriction With or Without β-Blockade in Dogs
Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Postrevascularization Hyperkalemia in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
Diluted Venous Blood Appears Arterial: Implications for Central Venous Cannulation
Peripheral Nerve Injuries During Cardiac Surgery: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Prevention
The Use of a Bronchial Blocker To Rescue an Ill-Fitting Double-Lumen Endotracheal Tube
Epidural Blood Patch After Thoracotomy for Treatment of Headache Caused by Surgical Tear of Dura
Intraoperative Evaluation of Pulmonary Artery Flow During the Fontan Procedure by Transesophageal Doppler Echocardiography
Work of Breathing During Spontaneous Ventilation in Anesthetized Children: A Comparative Study Among the Face Mask, Laryngeal Mask Airway and Endotracheal Tube
Anesthesia for Tracheal or Bronchial Foreign Body Removal in Children: An Analysis of Ninety-Four Cases
Prolonged Duration of Neuromuscular Block with Rapacuronium in the Presence of Sevoflurane
Anesthesia for Fetoscopic Fetal Surgery: Twin Reverse Arterial Perfusion Sequence and Twin-Twin Transfusions Syndrome
Auditory Steady-State Response and Bispectral Index for Assessing Level of Consciousness During Propofol Sedation and Hypnosis
The Use of Dexamethasone for Preventing Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Females Undergoing Thyroidectomy: A Dose-Ranging Study
Multimodal Antiemetic Management Prevents Early Postoperative Vomiting After Outpatient Laparoscopy
Perioperative Myocardial Ischemia in Cataract Surgery Patients: General Versus Local Anesthesia
A Comparison of the Cost-Effectiveness of Remifentanil Versus Fentanyl as an Adjuvant to General Anesthesia for Outpatient Gynecologic Surgery
The Lack of Systematic Month-to-Month Variation Over One-Year Periods in Ambulatory Surgery Caseload —Application to Anesthesia Staffing
Aspiration in Transtracheal Oxygen Insufflation with Different Insufflation Flow Rates During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Dogs
The Analgesic Efficacy of Patient-Controlled Ropivacaine Instillation After Cesarean Delivery
Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery in a Pregnant Woman with Acute Hepatic Failure
Phenytoin, Midazolam, and Naloxone Protect Against Fentanyl-Induced Brain Damage in Rats
Autonomic Dysfunction Secondary to Intracerebral Hemorrhage
The Use of Bupivacaine and Fentanyl for Spinal Anesthesia for Urologic Surgery
Intrathecal Anesthesia: Ropivacaine Versus Bupivacaine
The Comparison of Hypertonic Saline (7.5%) and Normal Saline (0.9%) for Initial Fluid Administration Before Spinal Anesthesia
Hearing Loss after Spinal and General Anesthesia: A Comparative Study
Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block with a Continuous Catheter Insertion System and a Disposable Infusion Pump
Transdermal Ketamine as an Adjuvant for Postoperative Analgesia After Abdominal Gynecological Surgery Using Lidocaine Epidural Blockade
The Effect of Ketamine on Opioid-Induced Acute Tolerance: Can It Explain Reduction of Opioid Consumption with Ketamine-Opioid Analgesic Combinations?
The Comparative Toxicity of Ropivacaine and Bupivacaine at Equipotent Doses in Rats
The Efficacy of Intrathecal Morphine and Clonidine in the Treatment of Pain After Spinal Cord Injury
Block of Neuronal Tetrodotoxin-Resistant Na+ Currents by Stereoisomers of Piperidine Local Anesthetics
Respiratory Efficacy of Subglottic Low-Frequency, Subglottic Combined-Frequency, and Supraglottic Combined-Frequency Jet Ventilation During Microlaryngeal Surgery
Balloon Versus Conventional Laryngoscopy: A Comparison of Laryngoscopic Findings and Intubation Difficulty
The Effects of the Reverse Trendelenburg Position on Respiratory Mechanics and Blood Gases in Morbidly Obese Patients During Bariatric Surgery
The Prolonged Duration of Rocuronium in Chinese Patients
The Comparative Effects of Propofol Versus Thiopental on Middle Cerebral Artery Blood Flow Velocity During Electroconvulsive Therapy
The Involvement of Adenosine Neuromodulation in Pentobarbital-Induced Field Excitatory Postsynaptic Potentials Depression in Rat Hippocampal Slices
Nitrous Oxide and Xenon Increase the Efficacy of GABA at Recombinant Mammalian GABAA Receptors
Accidental Epidural Injection of Vecuronium
Succinylcholine-Induced Hyperkalemia and Rhabdomyolysis in a Patient with Necrotizing Pancreatitis
The SiBI™ Connector: A New Medical Device to Facilitate Preoxygenation and Reduce Waste Anesthetic Gases During Inhaled Induction with Sevoflurane
The Onset of MH
The Onset of MH
Neuraxial Opioids and Respiratory Depression
Neuraxial Opioids and Respiratory Depression
Hetastarch and Hydroxyethyl Starch Are Not the Same
Hetastarch and Hydroxyethyl Starch Are Not the Same
The Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway (ILMA) is Assisted by an Old Device
Regional Anesthesia and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Regional Anesthesia and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Novel CO2 Absorbents and Low-Flow Sevoflurane
Hemodynamic Effects of Remifentanil in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Hemodynamic Effects of Remifentanil in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Look Before You Leap
Utilization of a Retrograde Cardioplegia Catheter for Rapid Central Venous Infusion
Potential Hazards of Radiolucent Body Art in the Tongue
Anesthesiology and the Academic Medical Center: Place and Promise at the Start of the New Millenium. Vol. 38, No. 2 of International Anesthesiology Clinics.
Textbook of Obstetric Anesthesia
Evidence Based Resource in Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Ostheimer’s Manual of Obstetric Anesthesia, 3rd ed.
Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away With Murder
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