Thank You, Larry Saidman!
Thank You, Larry!
Three Memorable Years
Deadly Heat
“Off-Label” Use of Clinical Monitors
Ophthalmologic Surgery Is Unique in Operating Room Management
Respiratory Rate Monitoring
Operational Realities in the Postanesthesia Care Unit
A&A Case Reports
Echocardiographic Evaluation of Mitral Inflow Hemodynamics After Asymmetric Double-Orifice Repair
Incidental Finding of a Double Interatrial Septum in an Elderly Female Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
Mitral Valve Repair Failure Diagnosed with a Sudden Change in Jet Direction from Posterior to Anterior
Enhancement of α5-Containing γ-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptors by the Nonimmobilizer 1,2-Dichlorohexafluorocyclobutane (F6) Is Abolished by the β3(N265M) Mutation
Excessive Variations in the Plethysmographic Waveform During Spontaneous Ventilation
A Review of Signal Processing Used in the Implementation of the Pulse Oximetry Photoplethysmographic Fluid Responsiveness Parameter
Performance of Masimo Rainbow Acoustic Monitoring for Tracking Changing Respiratory Rates Under Laryngeal Mask Airway General Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures in the Operating Room
Absolute and Trend Accuracy of a New Regional Oximeter in Healthy Volunteers During Controlled Hypoxia
Anesthesiologist Staffing Considerations Consequent to the Temporal Distribution of Hypoxemic Episodes in the Postanesthesia Care Unit
The Art of Providing Resuscitation in Greek Mythology
Patterns of Second-Line Uterotonic Use in a Large Sample of Hospitalizations for Childbirth in the United States
Prevention of Peri-Induction Hypertension in Preeclamptic Patients
Malignant Hyperthermia Deaths Related to Inadequate Temperature Monitoring, 2007–2012
The Analgesic Effect of a Vapocoolant Stream Spray in Reducing Heat Nociception on the Glabrous Skin of Rat Pups
Glucose May Attenuate Isoflurane-Induced Caspase-3 Activation in H4 Human Neuroglioma Cells
The Accuracy of a Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Cerebral Oximetry Device and Its Potential Value for Estimating Jugular Venous Oxygen Saturation
An Analysis of Anesthesia-Controlled Operating Room Time After Propofol-Based Total Intravenous Anesthesia Compared with Desflurane Anesthesia in Ophthalmic Surgery
The Effectiveness of Suggestive Techniques in Reducing Postoperative Side Effects
Sodium Homeostasis During Liver Transplantation and Correlation with Outcomes
Isoflurane but Not Sevoflurane or Desflurane Aggravates Injury to Neurons In Vitro and In Vivo via p75NTR-NF-ĸB Activation
A Prospective, Randomized Comparison Between Single- and Multiple-Injection Techniques for Ultrasound-Guided Subgluteal Sciatic Nerve Block
Textbook of Neurointensive Care, 2nd Edition
Incidence of Laminectomy and Imaging After Neuraxial Anesthesia
In Response
Viscoelastic Test and Fibrinogen Values
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