A Positive Study Despite Negative Results
Don’t Blame the Messenger
The Efficacy and Utility of Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution
Cardiac Bulldozers, Backhoes, and Blood Pressure
Refining the Odds
Strain Assessment of Myocardial Function
Quality Improvement Demands Quality Data
Anesthesiology Graduate Medical Education
Alpha, Beta, Meta
What Is an Acute Care Anesthesiologist?
Time Has Come for the Acute Care Anesthesiologist
Screening for High Blood Pressure in the Perioperative Setting
Preoperative Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution for Minimizing Allogeneic Blood Transfusion
Intraoperative, Real-Time Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography for the Transcatheter Placement of an Edwards SAPIEN Aortic Valve in the Mitral Position for Severe Mitral Stenosis
The Sudden Appearance of a Mobile Mass in the Ascending Aorta on Transesophageal Echocardiography After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography in the Excision of a Myocardial Pseudoaneurysm
Associated Roles of Perioperative Medical Directors and Anesthesia
The Efficacy and Safety of the Novel Peripheral Analgesic Isovaline as an Adjuvant to Propofol for General Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation
Further Characterization of Hemopressin Peptide Fragments in the Opioid and Cannabinoid Systems
A Randomized Trial of a Supplemental Alarm for Critically Low Systolic Blood Pressure
The Accuracy of the CNAP®Device Compared with Invasive Radial Artery Measurements for Providing Continuous Noninvasive Arterial Blood Pressure Readings at a Medical Intensive Care Unit
Occupational Chronic Sevoflurane Exposure in the Everyday Reality of the Anesthesia Workplace
The Effect of General Anesthesia on Aminotransferase Levels in Patients with Elevated Aminotransferase Levels
Interaction Effects of Acute Kidney Injury, Acute Respiratory Failure, and Sepsis on 30-Day Postoperative Mortality in Patients Undergoing High-Risk Intraabdominal General Surgical Procedures
Detection of Myocardial Dysfunction in Septic Shock
The Influence of Hypovolemia and Fluid Resuscitation During Hemorrhagic Shock on Apneic Oxygen Desaturation After Preoxygenation in a Swine Model
Caring for the Jehovah’s Witness Parturient
Obstetric Neuraxial Drug Administration Errors
The Effects of Single-Dose Etomidate Versus Propofol on Cortisol Levels in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Urologic Surgery
The Cognitive Science of Learning
Anesthesia Workload Nationally During Regular Workdays and Weekends
The National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry
Systematic Reviews of Anesthesiologic Interventions Reported as Statistically Significant
Caroline B. Palmer
The Effect of Systemic Magnesium on Postsurgical Pain in Children Undergoing Tonsillectomies
The Efficacy of Eslicarbazepine Acetate in Models of Trigeminal, Neuropathic, and Visceral Pain
The Analgesic Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Transversus Abdominis Plane Block in Adult Patients
The Analgesic Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine as an Adjunct to Local Anesthetics in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block
Data, Big Data, and Metadata in Anesthesiology
Trauma, Critical Care, and Emergency Care Anesthesiology
Stoelting’s Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, 5th ed.
Clinical Pharmacology for Anesthesiology
Has the Emperor Been Wearing Clothes? (The Value of the Pediatric Perioperative Surgical Home)
Prevention of Peri-Induction Hypertension in Pre-Eclamptic Patients
The Future of Physician Anesthesiologists
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Methodologic Concerns Regarding a Study Concluding That Epidural Labor Analgesia Is Associated with a Decreased Risk of Postpartum Depression
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