On the Selection of Respirators
Good News from the Middle East
Asphyxial Death
Effects of Constant Chest Compression on the Mechanical and Physiologic Performance of Different Ventilators
Hemodynamic Effects of Experimental Hypercitremia
Components of the Alveolar-Arterial Oxygen Tension Difference in Anesthetized Man
Pyridostigmin (Mestinon) as an Antagonist of d-Tubocurarine
Pulmonary Exchange of Divinyl Ether in Man
The Muscle Relaxants and Renal Excretion
Cyclopropane Effects on Renal Function in Normal Man
A Method for Measuring the Functional Residual Capacity and Dynamic Lung Compliance During Oxygen and Halothane Inhalation
Neuromuscular and Electromyographic Effects of Halothane and its Interaction with d-Tubocurarine in Man
Central and Peripheral Effects of Muscarinic Cholinergic Blocking Agents in Man
Anesthetic Management of Pheochromocytoma Employing Halothane and Beta Adrenergic Blockade
Characteristics of the Neuromuscular Block With Succinylcholine and Decamethonium in Man
Physiology and Pharmacology of Epidural Analgesia
Evaluation of the Elder Demand Valve Resuscitator for Use by First-Aid Personnel
Bedside Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Response
Self-Powered Atomizer
Portable IPPB with the Stryker Frame
A Positioning Guide for Intrathecal Blocks
Stellate Ganglion Block in a Patient with Cryofibrinogenemia
Spontaneous Bilateral Pneumothorax in a Newborn Infant
Continuous Stellate Ganglion Block
Tracheoesophageal Cleft
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