Airway Closure
Les Analgesiques et la Douleur
Airway Closure, Gas Trapping, and the Functional Residual Capacity during Anesthesia
Airway Closure and Lung Volumes during Breathing with Maintained Airway Positive Pressures
Surgical Stimulation Antagonizes the Respiratory Depression Produced by Forane
Anaesthesia for Neurological Surgery
The Effects of Several Anesthetic Agents on the Neuronal Reactive Properties of Thalamic Relay Nuclei in the Cat
Advances in Cardiology. Volume 6. Mechanical Devices for Cardiopulmonary Assistance
The Uptake and Distribution of Four Inhalation Anesthetics in Dogs
Dose-related Methoxyflurane Nephrotoxicity in Rats
Halothane Enhancement of Human Albumin-binding Capacity
d-Tubocurarine Effects on Nerve-terminal and Neuromuscular Conduction
Control Theory and Physiological Feedback Mechanisms
The Role of Prejunctional Effects in Myoneural Transmission
How Effective Is the G Suit in Neurosurgical Operations?
The Hemodynamic Effects of Pancuronium and d-Tubocurarine in Anesthetized Patients
Transient Global Amnesia Following Spinal Anesthesia
Progressive Changes in the Concentration of Ethyl Alcohol in the Human and Canine Subarachnoid Spaces
Internal-jugular-vein Puncture with a Margin of Safety
A Mathematical Approach to Gas Distribution during Respiration
The Effects of Halogenated Anesthetics on Mitochondrial Function
Crawford Long of Athens/Jefferson, Georgia
Aspen Conference on Research in Emphysema