The Black Box Illuminated
Assessment of Ventilation-Perfusion Inequalities by Arterial—Alveolar Nitrogen Differences in Intensive-care Patients
The Function of Each Lung of Anesthetized and Paralyzed Man during Mechanical Ventilation
The Effects of Various Tidal Volumes on Gas Exchange in Pulmonary Edema
Effects of Cyclopropane on Canine Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
The Effects of Methohexital in Untreated and Nalorphine-pretreated Rats
Interaction between the Circulatory Effects and the Uptake and Distribution of Halothane
The Rate of Oxygen Turnover in Cerebrospinal Fluid
Bilateral Phrenic-nerve Block in Man
Drugs and Their Actions
The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Preganglionic Sympathetic Activity during Halothane, Methoxy-flurane, and Cyclopropane Anesthesia
Immunologically Competent Anesthesiologists
Drugs and Their Actions
Evaluation of the National Preceptorship Program in Anesthesiology, 1966–1970
Determination of the Solubility of Halothane in Canine Blood and Cerebral Tissue at Hypothermia, Using a Tonometer for Constant-gas-flow Equilibration
Drugs and Their Actions
Ketamine-induced Apnea in Patients with Increased intracranial Pressure
Impurities in 14C-labeled Halothane
Blood-pressure and Blood-Gas Changes during Anesthesia for Bronchoscopy Using a Modified Method of Ventilation
Drugs and Their Actions