Clinical Epilog on Bronchomotor Tone
Effects of Pattern of Ventilation on Pulmonary Metabolism and Mechanics
Halo thane Inhibition of RNA and Protein Synthesis of PHA-treated Human Lymphocytes
Effects of Halothane on Automaticity and Contractile Force of Isolated Blood-perfused Canine Ventricular Tissue
Methoxyflurane Anesthesia in Pediatric Patients
Effects of Morphine–Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia on Cerebral Autoregulation
Individual Organ Contributions to the Decrease in Whole-body VO2 with Isoflurane
Effects of Succinylcholine and d-Tubocurarine on Epinephrine-induced Arrhythmias during Halothane Anesthesia in Dogs
Hemodynamic Responses to Mechanical Ventilation with PEEP
The Effect of Pre-existing Pulmonary Vascular Disease on the Response to Mechanical Ventilation with PEEP Following Open-heart Surgery
Regulation of Bronchomotor Tone during Anesthesia
A Program for Calculation of Intrapulmonary Shunts, Blood-Gas and Acid-Base Values with a Programmable Calculator
Laryngeal Web in an Infant with Tracheoesophageal Fistula
Rapid Beside Estimation of Wasted Ventilation (VD/VT)
Inadvertent Intracranial Introduction of a Nasogastric Tube, a Complication of Severe Maxillofacial Trauma
Massive Swelling of the Head and Neck
Intra-aortic Balloon Counterpulsation in a High-risk Cardiac Patient Undergoing Emergency Gastrectomy
Train-of-four Nerve Stimulation in the Management of Prolonged Neuromuscular Blockade Following Succinylcholine
Improved Syringe for Arterial Blood Sampling
Fluroxene in the Rat and Man
To the Editor
Overinflating Low-pressure Cuffs to Prevent Aspiration
Advances in Neurology. Volume 4
Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Anesthesia
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