Anesthetics and Cancer
Synergism between Halothane and Nitrous Oxide in the Production of Nuclear Abnormalities in the Dividing Fibroblast
On-line Systolic Time Intervals during Anesthesia in Patients with and without Heart Disease
Epidural Anesthesia in the Normotensive Pregnant Ewe
Dantrolene in Porcine Malignant Hyperthermia
Enzyme Induction by Enflurane in Man
Bradycardia after Myocardial Ischemia and Its Treatment with Atropine
Acute Postoperative Clonidine Withdrawal Syndrome
Effect of Posture on Functional Residual Capacity Postoperatively
Ketamine for Obstetric Delivery
Effects of Intersept® Micropore Filtration of Blood on Microaggregates and Other Constituents
Newborn Response to Oxygen Blown over the Face
A Continuous Indicator of the Zero Level of Central Venous Pressure
Carbon Dioxide and Metabolic Regulations
Lecture Notes on Respiratory Disease
Clinical Application of Respiratory Care
Principles of Resuscitation
Advances in Neurology
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