The Expanding Role of the American Society of Anesthesiologists
Closing Capacity Measurement during General Anesthesia
Fluoride in Bone of Rats Anesthetized during Gestation with Enflurane or Methoxyflurane
Distribution of Waste Anesthetic Gases in the Operating Room Air
Further Studies of the Anti-recall Effect of Lorazepam
Enflurane Depresses Myocardial Function, Perfusion, and Metabolism in the Dog
Pulmonary Shunting during Anesthesia with Deliberate Hypotension
Influence of Anesthetic Agent on Survival Folloiving Hemorrhage
Anesthesia and Immunology
Pulmonary Physiology
Acid—Base Balance Nomogram—A Boston—Copenhagen Detente
Primary Aldosteronism with Uncommon Complications
Diminished Hepatic Arterial Flow during Halothane Administration
An Unusual Case of Difficult Extubation
Tension Pneumothorax Following Internal Jugular Cannulation and General Anesthesia
Acute Laryngeal Edema 24 Hours after Passage of a Nasogastric Tube
Renal Failure Following Enflurane Anesthesia
Bupivacaine and Etidocaine for Lumbar Epidural Anesthesia for Intra-abdominal Pelvic Surgery, A Double-blind Study
Visual Tracking Following Lorazepam or Pentobarbital
The Laryngeal-closure Reflex and Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Analgesia
The Precordial Electrocardiographic Lead (V5) in Patients Who Have Coronary-artery Disease
Increased Sympathetic Tone Associated with Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation
Acute Medicine
Tension Pneumocephalus and the Sitting Position
Nitroprusside-induced Metabolic Acidosis
pH in Differentiating CSF from Local Anesthetics in Epidural Anesthesia
Electroconvulsive Therapy with a Cardiac Pacemaker
The Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
Essential of Respiratory Disease
Local Anesthetics
Musele Relavants
Physiological Basis of Anaesthesiology, Theory and Practice
Paediatric Intensive Care
Recent Advances in Critical Microcirculatory Research
Literature Briefs