Anesthetics and the Renin–Angiotensin–Aldosterone Axis
Acquisition and Use of New Medical Knowledge
The Regulatory Function of the Renin–Angiotensin System during General Anesthesia
Blood Pressure Support during General Anesthesia in a Renin-dependent State in the Rat
Placental Transfer of Lidocaine
Physical Characteristics of and Rates of Nitrous Oxide Diffusion into Tracheal Tube Cuffs
Antibiotic-induced Paralysis of the Mouse Phrenic Nerve–Hemidiaphragm Preparation, and Reversibility by Calcium and by Neostigmine
Comparison of Venous Air Embolism Monitoring Methods in Supine Dogs
Acquisition and Application of New Medical Knowledge by Anesthesiologists
Naloxone Reversal of Choledochoduodenal Sphincter Spasm Associated with Narcotic Administration
Pancuronium Bromide Requirement during Anesthesia for the Morbidly Obese
Does Spinal Anesthesia Anesthetize the Spinal Cord?
Thrombogenesis Associated with Swan-Ganz Catheters
Supraclavicular Internal-jugular-vein Catheterization—Further Caution
Supraclavicular Internal-jugular-vein Catheterization–Further Caution Reply
Total Spinal Anesthesia during Epidural Anesthesia
Total Spinal Anesthesia during Epidural Anesthesia Reply
Current Problems in Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine
Persistent Pain: Modern Methods of Treatment
Juvenile Hypertension
Understanding Anesthesia Equipment: Construction, Care and Complications
Reviews of Audiovisual Aids