Deuteration of Anesthetics
Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics of Muscle Relaxants
The Effects of Deuteration on the Metabolism of Halogenated Anesthetics in the Rat
Dose–Response and Plasma Concentration–Response Relationships of Pancuronium in Man
Plasma Concentrations of Pancuronium and Neuromuscular Blockade after Injection into the Isolated Arm, Bolus Injection, and Continuous Infusion
An Analgesic Action of Intravenously Administered Lidocaine on Dorsal-horn Neurons Responding to Noxious Thermal Stimulation
Hypertension during Anesthesia on Discontinuation of Sodium Nitroprusside-induced Hypotension
Enflurane Requirement and Ventilatory Response to Carbon Dioxide during Lidocaine Infusion in Dogs
Nitrous Oxide Effects on Cerebral Evoked Potential to Pain
Edrophonium Antagonism of Pancuronium-induced Neuromuscular Blockade in Man
The Relationship Between Duration of Q-T Interval and Plasma Ionized Calcium Concentration
Effect of Age on the Pharmacokinetics of Diazepam Given in Conjunction with Spinal Anesthesia
Objective Measurement of Succinylcholine-induced Fasciculations and the Effect of Pretreatment with Pancuronium or Gallamine
Intraoperative Hyperkalemia and Cardiac Arrests during Renal Transplantation in an Insulin-dependent Diabetic Patient
Bilateral Footdrop after Craniotomy in the Sitting Position
Alteration of Pulmonary Blood Flow by Pulmonary-artery Occluded Pressure Measurement
Long-term Follow-up Study of Chemical Hypophysectomy and Additional Cases
A Magnetic-drive Circulator Designed for Completely Closed Carbon Dioxide Absorption Systems
Blood-pressure and Pulse-rate Responses to Endotracheal Extubation with and without Prior Injection of Lidocaine
Exacerbation of latrogenic Hypercarbia by PEEP
Aspirin Pretreatment Prevents Post-cannulation Radial-artery Thrombosis
Origin of the ASA Classification
Interpretation of Data
Broken Code—The ASA Classification Exposed
Tally of ASA Classification Responses
Currentness of Textbook References Alone Not a Valid Measure of Quality
Styletted Intravascular Catheters
Tracheal Constriction or Decreased Lung–Thorax Compliance from Opiates
Tracheal Constriction or Decreased Lung–Thorax Compliance from Opiates
Ketamine is Safe in Acute Intermittent Porphyria
Muscular Dystrophy and Malignant Hyperthermia—Similar Signs
SGOT Values Following Evidence of Reductive Biotransformation of Halothane in Man
Oxygen Supplementation during Endotracheal Intubation of Infants
Naloxone Does Not Antagonize Diazepam-induced Sedation
The Society of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Neurologic Supportive Care
The Psychology of Pain
Handbook of Blood Pressure Monitoring
Positioning in Anesthesia and Surgery
Basic and Clinical Immunology
Practical Anesthetic Pharmacology
Books Received