Mortality among Anesthesiologists
A Renewed Venture
Mortality Experience among Anesthesiologists, 1954–1976
Comparison of Anesthesia with Diazepam and Ketamine vs. Morphine in Patients Undergoing Heart-valve Replacement
Myocardial Metabolism and Oxygenation in Man Awake and during Halothane Anesthesia
Modification of the Relationship between Cerebral Metabolism, Blood Flow, and Electroencephalogram by Stimulation during Anesthesia in the Dog
Postoperative Renal Failure in Trauma Patients
Renal Function and the Pharmacokinetics of Neostigmine in Anesthetized Man
Intracranial Pressure in the Cat during Nitroglycerin-induced Hypotension
Changes in Motor Activity and Acetylcholine Turnover Induced by Lidocaine and Cocaine in Brain Regions of Rats
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of d-Tubocurarine during Nitrous Oxide–Narcotic and Halothane Anesthesia in Man
Historical Pulse Tracings Made during Anesthesia
Local Anesthetics and the Rheologic Behavior of Erythrocyte Suspensions
The Optical Stylet–A New Intubation Technique for Adults and Children with Specific Reference to Teaching
Pneumothorax Secondary to Ball-valve Obstruction during Jet Ventilation
Reversal of Diazepam-induced Postanesthetic Somnolence with Physostigmine
Pancuronium Pretreatment and Post-succinylcholine Myalgias
Morquio Syndrome and Anesthesia
Artifactual Hypotension Without Damping, a Hazard of Disposable Diaphragm Domes
Arterial Blood-pressure and Pulse-rate Responses to Pulmonary and Radial Arterial Catheterization Prior to Cardiac and Major Vascular Operations
Tracheobronchopathica Osteochondroplastica Diagnosed as a Result of Difficult Intubation
Prophylactic Single-dose Oral Antacid Therapy in the Preoperative Period–Comparison of Cimetidine and Maalox
A New Endotracheal-tube Retractor
A Modified Technique for Transtracheal Anesthesia
Antiemetic Action of Domperidone
Hazard of an Anesthetic Scavenging Device
Buckled Adaptor
Connections from Anesthetic Machine to Circle System Unsatisfactory
Reports of Scientific Meetings
Regional Anesthesia
Drugs in Anaesthetic Practice
Adverse Response to Intravenous Drugs
Yearbook of Anesthesia, 1978
Mechanical Misadventures in Anesthesia
Manual of Surgical Therapeutics
Physiological Aspects of Anaesthetics and Inert Gases
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