Aspiration Syndromes in Pregnancy
Intrathecal Morphine
Antacid Pulmonary Aspiration in the Dog
Analgesia Produced by a Spinal Action of Morphine and Effects upon Parturition in the Rat
Myocardial Ischemia during Non-cardiac Surgical Procedures in Patients with Coronary-artery Disease
Studies of the Possible Role of Brain Endorphins in Pentobarbital Anesthesia and Toxicity in Mice
Comparative Pharmacokinetics of d-Tubocurarine and Metocurine in Man
Effects of Morphine Sulfate on Dorsal-horn Neuronal Responses to Graded Noxious Thermal Stimulation in the Decerebrate Cat
Effects of Ketamine on Nociceptive Cells in the Medial Medullary Reticular Formation of the Cat
Osmotic Swelling Effects on Neural Conduction
Mutagenicity Studies with Volatile Metabolites of Halothane
Cardiovascular Responses to Diazepam and Midazolam Maleate in the Dog
Bupivacaine, 0.125 Per Cent, in Obstetric Epidural Analgesia
Anesthetic Risk in the Pregnant Surgical Patient
Pulmonary Aspiration Syndrome after Inhalation of Gastric Fluid Containing Antacids
Recrudescence after Survival of an Initial Episode of Malignant Hyperthermia
Crying Vital Capacity and Maximal Inspiratory Pressure as Clinical Indicators of Readiness for Weaning of Infants Less Than a Year of Age
Antiemetic Effectiveness of Intramuscularly Administered Domperidone
Transient Left-bundle-branch Block during Anesthesia
Renal Function in Newborns and Mothers Exposed to Methoxyflurane Analgesia for Labor and Delivery
Anatomic Locations of the Tips of Pulmonary-artery Catheters in Supine Patients
Massive Trophoblastic Embolization and PEEP Therapy
Plasma Catecholamine Levels during Local Anesthesia for Cataract Operations
Percutaneous Sample for Blood-gas Analysis
Monitor of Respiratory Excursions
Placental Transfer of Nitroglycerin
Placental Transfer of Nitroglycerin
More on Fathers in the Delivery Room
Automatic Blood Pump
Anesthesiologists are CPR Experts!
Anesthesiologists are CPR Experts!
Anesthesiologists are CPR Experts!
Spinal Headache and Air Travel
Unexplained Brachial-plexus Palsy
Prevention of Anaphylaxis from Contrast Media
Averaging pH vs. H+ Values
Averaging pH vs. H+ Values
Hazard Associated with New Foretrend® Anesthesia Machine
Optimal Positioning for Cervical and Thoracic Operations
Thrombotic Occlusion of a Nasotracheal Tube
Hemoptysis from a Pulmonary-artery Catheter
Reductive Metabolism of Halothane and Hepatotoxicity
Are Additional Cancer Studies Justified?
Minimizing Sore Throat
Minimizing Sore Throat
Brain Death
Low Flow and Closed System Anesthesia