Sympathetic Influences on Coronary Perfusion and Evolving Concepts of Driving Pressure, Resistance, and Transmural Flow Regulation
Of Coliforms and Cancer
Effect of Acute Sympathectomy by Epidural Anesthesia on the Canine Coronary Circulation
Metabolism of Nitrous Oxide by Human and Rat Intestinal Contents
Lidocaine as an Analgesic for Experimental Pain
Lidocaine, Bupivacaine, Etidocaine, and Epinephrine-induced Arrhythmias during Halothane Anesthesia in Dogs
Pulmonary Mechanics in Normal Subjects Following Endotracheal Intubation
Stimulus Frequency and Dose—Response Curve to d-Tubocurarine in Man
Increased Resistance to Nitroprusside-induced Cyanide Toxicity in Anuric Dogs
Epidural Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
Nitrous Oxide Intensifies the Pulmonary Arterial Pressure Response to Venous Injection of Carbon Dioxide in the Dog
Comparison of Aortic Pulse-wave Contour Analysis and Thermodilution Methods of Measuring Cardiac Output during Anesthesia in the Dog
Robert Hinckley's “The First Operation with Ether”
The Construction of Linear Resistances for the Testing of Ventilators
Monitoring Neuromuscular Block May be Unreliable in Patients with Upper-motor-neuron Lesions
Magnesium Sulfate Prevents Succinylcholine-induced Fasciculations in Toxemic Parturients
Hypoglycemia-induced Seizures in an Infant during Anesthesia
V-Lead Adapter
Pseudoaneurysrn, a Late Complication of Radial-Artery Catheterization
Biochemical Alterations during Tetany
Cardiorespiratory and Cranial-nerve Sequelae of Surgical Procedures Involving the Posterior Fossa
Medical Gas Outlets—a Hazard from Interchangeable “Quick-connect” Couplers
A Source of Nonanesthetic Nitrous Oxide in Operating Room Air
Methylmethacrylate Airway Obstruction
Hyperthermia and Ketoacidosis during Anesthesia in a Child with Glycogen-storage Disease
Deaths Related to Anesthesia
Deaths Related to Anesthesia
Deaths Related to Anesthesia
Deaths Related to Anesthesia
Abduction of the Vocal Cords
Rare Cause of Stridor
Use of Pulmonary-artery Catheter not Justified
Use of Pulmonary-artery Catheter not Justified
Does “Self-taming” Decrease Postoperative Myalgia in Outpatients?
Does “Self-taming” Decrease Postoperative Myalgia in Outpatients?
Factors Affecting Measurement of Intraocular Pressure
Acromegalic Patient—Indication for Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy But Not Tracheostomy
Headache Immediately Following Attempted Epidural Analgesia in Obstetrics
Enflurane Antiarrhythmic Effect Documented
DSA System Misleading
DSA System Misleading
The Recovery Room
Advances in Pain Research and Therapy
The Heritage of Aviation Medicine
Books Received