A Fresh Look at an Old Question
Effects of Hemorrhagic and Pharmacologic Hypotension on Cerebral Oxygen Utilization and Blood Flow
Carcinogen Bioassay of Enflurane in Mice
Hepatic Injury Following Halothane, Enflurane, and Isoflurane Anesthesia in Rats
Potencies of Inhaled Anesthetics and Alcohol in Mice Selectively Bred for Resistance and Susceptibility to Nitrous
Potencies of Convulsant Drugs in Mice Selectively Bred for Resistance and Susceptibility to Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia
Resetting of Baroreflex Sensitivity after Induced Hypotension
Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Dose–Response Relationships of Pancuronium in Control and Elderly Subjects
Temperature Correction of PCO 2 and pH in Estimating
Nitrous Oxide Decreases Motility of Human Neutrophils In Vitro
Position-Induced Horner's Syndrome
The Duration of Effect of Maternally Administered Meperidine on Neonatal Neurobehavior
Acute Tolerance to High-Dose Barbiturate Treatment in Patients with Severe Head Injuries
A New Improved Double-Lumen Tube Adaptor
Increasing the Functional Gauge of the Side Port of Large Catheter Sheath Introducers
Endotracheal Tube Ignition during Laryngeal Surgery with Resectoscope
Development of Bronchial Obstruction with Secondary Lobar Emphysema during Anesthesia
Leukocyte Histamine Release to Thiopental
Method of Ephedrine Administration and Nausea and Hypotension during Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
Assessment of Risk Factors Related to the Acid Aspiration Syndrome In Pediatric Patients–Gastric pH and Residual Volume
Cardiac Arrest Associated with Tension Pneumocephalus
Asymptomatic Smokers
Anaesthesiology-Proceedings of tlie 7th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists
The Year Book in Anesthesia 1980
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