Accept, Revise, Reject or Punt
A Critique of the Neonatal Neurologic and
A New Neurologic and Adaptive Capacity Scoring System for
Neonatal Neurobehavioral Effects of Inhalation Analgesia for
Effects of Digoxin on Myocardial Oxygen Supply and Demand
Effect of Nitrous Oxide Concentration on Event-related
Protection from Local Anesthetic-induced Convulsions
Systemic and Regional Blood Flow Distribution in
Myocardial Functional and Metabolic Responses to Ischemia in Swine during Halothane and Fentanyl Anesthesia,
Binding of Halothane-free Radicals to Fatty Acids Following
Interaction of Intraocular Air and Sulfur Hexafluoride with
Air Embolism Associated with Pulmonary Artery Catheter Introducer Kit
Second-degree Atrioventricular Block after Methyl Methacrylate
Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Changes after ORG NC45 (Vecuronium) and Pancuronium
Cardiovascular Effects of Metocurine in Patients with Aortic Stenosis
Pneumothorax with Upper Airway Laser Surgery
Intrathoracic Vascular Catheterization Via the External Jugular Vein
Electrode Polarity and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
The Dilemma of General Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
Air Embolism
Editorials Should Elucidate Not Obfuscate
Editorials Should Elucidate Not Obfuscate
Pretreatment with Nondepolarizing Muscle Relaxant Does Not Decrease Gastric
The Recording of Succinylcholine-induced Fasciculations
The Recording of Succinylcholine-induced Fasciculations
An Unusual Complication Following Cannulation of an External Jugular Vein
Difficult Pediatric Intubation—An Indication for the Fiberoptic Bronchoscope
An Easily Overlooked Malassembly
IV vs. LTA Lidocaine
IV vs. LTA Lidocaine
Lecture Notes on Anaesthetics