Endorphin Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Postoperative and Chronic Pain
Isoniazid-induced Enflurane Defluorination in Humans
Pulmonary Vascular Responses to Nitrous Oxide in Patients with Normal and High Pulmonary Vascular Resistance
Reduction in Resting End-Expiratory Position of the Respiratory System with Induction of Anesthesia and Neuromuscular Paralysis
Time Course of Ventilatory Response to Carbon Dioxide after Intravenous Diazepam
Effects of Droperidol on Left Ventricular Performance in Humans
Prolonged Exposure to Nitrous Oxide Decreases Opiate Receptor Density in Rat Brainstem
Altered Neural Conduction with Epidural Bupivacaine
Bacterial Interactions between Anesthesiologists, Their Patients, and Equipment
Densities of Liquid Halothane, Methoxyflurane, and Enflurane between 0° and 35°C
The Effectiveness of Sodium Citrate as an Antacid
Causalgia of Vascular Etiology Following an Abdominal Injury
Weight, Pseudocholinesterase Activity, and Succinylcholine Requirement
Central Venous Access in Children Via the External Jugular Vein
An Unusual Adverse Drug Reaction to Thiopental
Treatment of Severe Tracheobronchomalacia with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Pulmonary Embolism during Spinal Anesthesia
Nitrous Oxide Plays a Direct Role in the Development of Tension Pneumocephalus Intraoperatively
The ICP/CBF Effects of Volume Loading during PEEP Administration
The ICP/CBF Effects of Volume Loading during PEEP Administration
An Unusual Cause for Increased Resistance to Injection during Administration of Spinal Anesthesia
Prevention of Tension Pneumocephalus
Balloon Catheter Should Increase Recovery of Embolized Air
Balloon Catheter Increases Air Capture
A Procedure for Measuring the Length of the Catheter in the Epidural Space
ASA PS Classification Is Not Risk Classification
Mechanical Aids for Fiberoptic Endoscopy
Oxytocic Drugs Have Different Cardiovascular Effects
Pediatric Anesthesia, A Guide to its Administration
The Pharmacology of the Neuromuscular Function
Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases
Pain, Origin and Treatment