Alfentanil—A Kinetically Predictable Narcotic Analgesic
The Pharmacokinetics of Alfentanil (R39209): A New Opioid Analgesic
Mechanism of the Differential Effects of Halothane on Nicotinic-and Muscarinic-Receptor-Mediated Responses of the Dog Adrenal Medulla
The Tetraphasic Action of Lidocaine on CNS Electrical Activity and Behavior in Cats
Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of Methadone during the Perioperative Period
Effects of Fentanyl on the Response of Plasma Beta-Endorphin Immunoreactivity to Surgery
The Effects of Halothane on Sympathetic Ganglionic Transmission
Effects of Nitrous Oxide on the Cerebrovascular Tone, Oxygen Metabolism, and Electroencephalogram of the Isolated Perfused Canine Brain
The Anesthetic Potency of Fentanyl in Terms of Its Reduction of Enflurane MAC
The Enflurane Sparing Effect of Morphine, Butorphanol, and Nalbuphine
Atrial Pressures in the Seated Position
Cardiovascular Effects of Nalbuphine in Patients with Coronary or Valvular Heart Disease
Calcium Entry Blockers: Uses and Implications for Anesthesiologists
The Gill-Merrill Expedition
Gas Chromatographic Determination of Bupivacaine in Plasma Using a Support Coated Open Tubular Column and a Nitrogen-selective Detector
In Vivo Response of Air-filled Balloon-tipped Catheters to Nitrous Oxide
Carbon Dioxide Embolism during Laparoscopy
New Methods for the Performance of Unilateral Lung Lavage
Slowing of Heart Rate during Cardiac Output Measurement by Thermodilution
Refractory Hypertension during Coarctectomy
Intra-Arterial Thiopental
Safe Anesthetic Gas Pollution Control
Rapid Sequence Induction in Patients with a Full Stomach
Revival of the Polio Laryngoscope Blade
Adult Epiglottitis Revisited
An Aid to Identifying the External Jugular Vein
Responsibility for Equipment Failure: Consumer vs. Manufacturer
Thiopental Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
A Simple Maneuver to Verify Proper Positioning of an Endotracheal Tube
A Challenge to the Use of d-Tubocurarine Prior to Succinylcholine in Obstetrics
A Patient Transfer Method: Try It, You'll Be Glad You Did
Duplication and Fragmentation in Publications
Duplication and Fragmentation in Publications Reply
Editorial Comments
Respiratory Assistance Secured by Jet-Ventilation during Broncho-Fiberscopy in Forty-nine Infants
A New Anatomic Laryngoscope
Oxygen Analyzers as Viewed by the Public, Attorneys, and an Anesthesiologist
Gerontologic Pharmacology Studies Urged by the National Institute on Aging
Editorials Should Elucidate not Obfuscate II
Editorial Comments
Selective Endobronchial Blocking vs. Selective Intubation
New Pediatric Laryngoscope
Failure to Correct Nitrous Oxide Toxicity with Folinic Acid
Failure to Correct Nitrous Oxide Toxicity With Folinic Acid Reply
Respiratory Failure in the Child
Monitoring of Vital Parameters During Extracorporeal Circulation
Transcutaneous PO2
Management of Medical Problems in Surgical Patients
Pharmacology of Neuromuscular Function