Awareness during Surgery
The Relative Hemodynamic Effects of Ca++ Entry Blockers
Recall of Surgery for Major Trauma
Comparative Cardiovascular Effects of Verapamil, Nifedipine, and Diltiazem during Halothane Anesthesia in Swine
Postoperative Pain Control with Methadone: Influence of Supplementary Methadone Doses and Blood Concentration—Response Relationships
Effect of Age, Gender, and Obesity on Midazolam Kinetics
Hemodynamic Consequences of Halothane Anesthesia during Chronic Anemia
Effect of General Anesthetics and Pressure on Aerobic Metabolism of Monkey Kidney Cells
Preanesthetic Cimetidine and Metoclopramide for Acid Aspiration Prophylaxis in Elective Surgery
Lung Volume and VA/Q Distribution Response to Intravenous versus Inhalation Anesthesia in Sheep
Nitrous Oxide Inactivates Methionine Synthetase Activity in Rat Testis
Inhalational Anesthesia and Histamine Release during Bronchospasm
Identification and Quantitative Determination of Fentanyl Metabolites in Patients by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Halothane Effects on ATP Content and Uridine Uptake and Phosphorylation in Tetrahymena pyriformis
Milliamperage Requirements for Supramaximal Stimulation of the Ulnar Nerve with Surface Electrodes
Demand Valve Improperly Set Resulting in Pulmonary Barotrauma
Somatosensory Evoked Potential Changes in Position-related Brain Stem Ischemia
Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Anesthetic Management of a Patient for Cesarean Section: A Case Report
Electrosurgical Burn at the Site of an Esophageal Temperature Probe
Severe Histamine-mediated Reaction to Rectally Administered Methohexital
Effectiveness of Bicitra® as a Preoperative Antacid
Toxic Reaction of Bupivacaine at Low Plasma Concentration
Anesthesia for High-dose Total Body Irradiation in Children
Temporary Partial Cardiopulmonary Bypass during Emergency Operative Management of Near Total Tracheal Occlusion
Pharmacokinetic Variables
Perioperative Diuresis and ICP
Perioperative Diuresis and ICP
Comments from an Experienced User of the Airway Intubator
Retinal Surgery in the Prone Position
Resting Ventilation Measurements May Be Misleading
A Method to Facilitate Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy
A Method to Facilitate Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy
Some Practical Considerations in the Use of the Engstrom EMMA Analyzer
Avoiding Sticky Situations
Superficial Temporal Artery Cannulation in Adults
Inadvertent Inspiration of Carbon Dioxide
Hazards of Laser Degradation of Methylmethacrylate
An Unusual Cause of Endotracheal Tube Obstruction