Renal Effects of Dopamine
The Diuretic Properties of Dopamine in Patients after Open-heart Operation
The Hemodynamic Consequences of High-dose Methohexital Anesthesia in Humans
The Pharmacokinetics of Sufentanil in Surgical Patients
Site of Action of Intravenous Regional Anesthesia
Differential Ventilation and Selective Positive End-expiratory Pressure
The Effect of Paralysis on Oxygen Consumption in Normoxic Children after Cardiac Surgery
Effects of Enflurane and Isoflurane on Resistance to Reabsorption of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Dogs
Metabolites of Neostigmine and Pyridostigmine Do Not Contribute to Antagonism of Neuromuscular Blockade in the Dog
Blood pH and Brain Uptake of 14C-Morphine
The Involvement of Endotoxin in Halothane-associated Liver Injury
The Effect of Physostigmine on Diazepam-induced Ventilatory Depression
Diffusional Delay in Local Anesthetic Block In Vitro
Baroreceptor Reflex Control of Heart Rate during Morphine Sulfate, Diazepam, N2O/O2 Anesthesia in Humans
Effects of Sufentanil on Regional Cerebral Glucose Utilization in Rats
Postthoracotomy Pain and Pulmonary Function Following Epidural and Systemic Morphine
Smoking and Anesthesia
The First Administration of Anesthesia in Military Surgery
Low Molecular Weight Proteins in Human Malignant Hyperthermic Muscle
Unintentional Removal of Meningeal Tissue with a 25-Gauge Spinal Needle during Spinal Anesthesia
Retinal Hemorrhage Following Anesthesia
Respiratory Depression Following Orally Administered Flunitrazepam for Preanesthetic Medication in Children
Emergency Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Following Intracoronary Streptokinase
Does Metoclopramide Decrease the Volume of Gastric Contents in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section?
Perioperative Management of Newborn Pharyngeal Teratomas
Cardiovascular Effects of Ketamine Given to Relieve Penile Turgescence after High Doses of Fentanyl
Acute Intermittent Obstruction of a Björk–Shiley Mitral Valve
Activation of Epileptogenic Activity by Etomidate
Precurarization Inhibits Maximal Ventilatory Effort
Timolol and Postoperative Apnea in Neonates and Young Infants
Hepatitis B Markers in Pediatric Anesthesia Personnel
Monitoring Respirations with a Gauze Thread
On the Prevention of Hypoxic Accidents
A Simple Device for Testing Peripheral Nerve Stimulators
Does Almitrine Restore Halothane-induced Depression of Hypoxic Respiratory Drive?
The Environment, Carbon Dioxide, and the Milieu Intérieur
Can We Do without O2 Analyzers?
Infrared Heat Lamps Interfere with Pulse Oximeters
The “Puff Technic” for Intravenous Diazepam
Hydrogen Peroxide May Cause Venous Oxygen Embolism
Benzodiazepines and Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Oxidative Activity
Pulmonary Artery Catheter Sheath Malfunction with Sternotomy
Oxygen Pressure Sensor Shutoff Valve Failure in the Ohio® “Wedge” Anesthesia Machine
Anesthetic Management during Nd–YAG Laser Resection for Major Tracheobronchial Obstructing Tumors
A Simple Device for Filtering Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
Management of Children for Surgery
Percutaneous Radial Artery Cannulation Using a Pressure-curve-directed Technique
Recent Advances in Critical Care Medicine
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