Alfentanil Infusion for Postoperative Pain
Flumazenil Antagonism of Midazolam-induced Ventilatory Depression
The Additive Contribution of Nitrous Oxide to Isoflurane MAC in Infants and Children
The Neuromuscular Effects of ORG9426 in Patients Receiving Balanced Anesthesia
Use of Desflurane for Outpatient Anesthesia A Comparison with Propofol and Nitrous Oxide
Effect of Propofol on the Incidence of Postoperative Vomiting after Strabismus Surgery in Pediatric Outpatients
The Relationship Between the Arterial to End-tidal Pco2 Difference and Hemoglobin Saturation in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
Oral Clonidine Blunts the Heart Rate Response to Intravenous Atropine in Humans
Absorption and Bioavailability of Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate
A System Model for Closed-circuit Inhalation Anesthesia II. Clinical Validation
Dose-response for Atropine and Heart Rate in Infants and Children Anesthetized with Halothane and Nitrous Oxide
The Effects of Local Anesthetics and Epinephrine on Rat Sciatic Nerve Blood Flow
Central α1-Adrenoceptor Stimulation Functionally Antagonizes the Hypnotic Response to Dexmedetomidine, an α2-Adrenoceptor Agonist
Pulmonary Vasoregulation by Cyclooxygenase Metabolites and Angiotensin II after Hypoperfusion in Conscious, Pentobarbitalanesthetized, and Halothane-anesthetized Dogs
Direct Vasodilation by Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, and Halothane Alters Coronary Flow Reserve in the Isolated Rat Heart
Lack of Protection by the N-Methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Blocker Dizocilpine (MK-801) after Transient Severe Cerebral Ischemia in the Rat
The Use of Immobilized Protamine in Removing Heparin and Preventing Protamine-induced Complications during Extracorporeal Blood Circulation
Anesthetics and Automaticity in Latent Pacemaker Fibers II. Effects of Halothane and Epinephrine or Norepinephrine on Automaticity of Dominant and Subsidiary Atrial Pacemakers in the Canine Heart
Anesthetics and Automaticity in Latent Pacemaker Fibers III. Effects of Halothane and Ouabain on Automaticity of the SA Node and Subsidiary Atrial Pacemakers in the Canine Heart
Comparative Effects of Halothane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane on the Liver with Hepatic Artery Ligation in the Beagle
Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Following Resuscitation from Hemorrhagic Shock with Hypertonic Saline Influence of a Subdural Mass
Dexmedetomidine Improves Neurologic Outcome from Incomplete Ischemia in the Rat Reversal by the α2-Adrenergic Antagonist Atipamezole
Arterial Tonometry for Noninvasive, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring during Anesthesia
Observation of Spinal Canal and Cisternae with the Newly Developed Small-diameter, Flexible Fiberscopes
A System Model for Closed-circuit Inhalation Anesthesia I. Computer Study
Unintentional Arterial Catheterization and Bupivacaine Toxicity Associated with Continuous Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block
Phenol Motor Point Blocks in Children
Successful Deffbrillation with Near-simultaneous Orthogonal Discharges
Spastic Torticollis during General Anesthesia
Acute Complete Heart Block during Anesthesia in a Patient with Severe Coronary Artery Disease
Epidural Analgesia in Patients with Congenital Lumbosacral Spinal Anomalies
Postoperative Apnea in a Full-term Infant
No Coronary Dilation
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What Is the Mechanism of Action of Aprotinin?
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Effects of Aprotinin on Postoperative Bleeding
Inotropic Effect of Amrinone
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Peripheral Nerve Injury and Automatic Blood Pressure Measurement
A Cause for Hemodynamic Instability during Hepatic Tumor Resection
Burns Associated with Pulse Oximetry during Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Percutaneous Puncture of the Internal Jugular Vein Using Continuously Transduced Pressure