An Application of Health Services Research to Anesthesiology
Multicenter Study of General Anesthesia III. Predictors of Severe Perioperative Adverse Outcomes
Prediction of Malignant Hyperthermia Susceptibility in Low-risk Subjects An Epidemiologic Investigation of Caffeine Halothane Contracture Responses
Oral Ketamine Preanesthetic Medication in Children
Accelographic Train-of-four at Near-threshold Currents
Treatment of Stress Response during Balanced Anesthesia Comparative Effects of Isoflurane, Alfentanil, and Trimethaphan
Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate for Preanesthetic Medication of Pediatric Day Surgery Patients with and without Droperidol as a Prophylactic Anti-emetic
Reduction of the MAC of Desflurane with Fentanyl
Oxygen Uptake during Recovery Following Naloxone Relationship with Intraoperative Heat Loss
Pharmacodynamics of Alfentanil The Role of Plasma Protein Binding
Effects of Alfentanil on Intracranial Pressure in Children Undergoing Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Revision
Brain Bioenergetics during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Dogs
The Effects of Sevoflurane, Halothane, Enflurane, and Isoflurane on Hepatic Blood Flow and Oxygenation in Chronically Instrumented Greyhound Dogs
Antinociceptive Synergy Between Intrathecal Morphine and Lidocaine during Visceral and Somatic Nociception in the Rat
Halothane Does Not Alter Ca2+Affinity of Troponin C
Effects of Prostaglandin E1 and Hydralazine on the Longitudinal Distribution of Pulmonary Vascular Resistance during Vasoconstrictor Pulmonary Hypertension in Sheep
Dose—Response Relationship of Isoflurane and Halothane versus Coronary Perfusion Pressures Effects on Flow Redistribution in a Collateralized Chronic Swine Model
Differential Effects of Halothane, Enflurane, and Isoflurane on Ca2+Transients and Papillary Muscle Tension in Guinea Pigs
EU 4093 Decreases Intracellular [Ca2+] in Skeletal Muscle Fibers from Control and Malignant Hyperthermia–Susceptible Swine
Spinal Cutaneous Fistula Following Continuous Spinal Anesthesia
Atypical Response to Scopolamine in a Patient with Type IV Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy
Anesthesia for an Unsuspected Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome with Autoantibodies and Occult Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Detection of Occult Hemopericardium Using Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography
Pulse Oximeter Overload
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A Method for Ensuring Proper Function of Multiorifice Catheters
Prediction of Myocardial Oxygen Consumption
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An Armored Laryngeal Mask Airway
When the Endotracheal Tube Will Not Pass over the Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscope
Burn Associated with Temperature Monitoring during Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Naloxone Reversal of Nystagmus Associated with Intrathecal Morphine Administration
Pulse Oximeters and Onychomycosis
An American Dentist Pioneered Anesthesia in Spain
Long-lasting Neuromuscular Blockade from Pipecuronium
Treatment of Pain on the Surgical Ward Using Epidural Morphine
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Jugular Venous Compression Helps To Identify the Source of Venous Air Embolism during Craniectomy in Patients in the Sitting Position
Information Needed for Development of Practice Parameters
Intensive Care Medicine