Does Lithotomy Position Cause Motor Neuropathies?
Cumulative Characteristics of Atracurium and Vecuronium
Snails, Spiders, and Stereospecificity—Is There a Role for Calcium Channels in Anesthetic Mechanisms?
Lower-extremity Motor Neuropathy Associated with Surgery Performed on Patients in a Lithotomy Position
Hearing Acuity of Anesthesiologists and Alarm Detection
Factors Associated with Back Pain after Childbirth
Onset of Action of Mivacurium Chloride
Effect of Prophylactic Bronchodilator Treatment on Lung Resistance after Tracheal Intubation
Influence of Phenylephrine Bolus Administration on Left Ventricular Filling Dynamics in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Patients with Valvular Aortic Stenosis
Cumulative Characteristics of Atracurium and Vecuronium
What Is the Best Way to Determine Oropharyngeal Classification and Mandihular Space Length to Predict Difficult Laryngoscopy?
Bedside Assessment of Intravascular Volume Status in Patients Undergoing Coronary Bypass Surgery
Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid Concentrations of Morphine and Morphine Glucuronides after Oral Morphine
Rapid 1 % Increases of End-tidal Desflurane Concentration to Greater Than 5% Transiently Increase Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Humans
Jaw Relaxation after a Halothane/Succinylcholine Sequence in Children
Isoflurane Inhibits Multiple Voltage-gated Calcium Currents in Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons
Insensitivity of P- Type Calcium Channels to Inhalational and Intravenous General Anesthetics
Inhibition of [3H]Isradipine Binding to L-Type Calcium Channels by the Optical Isomers of Isoflurane Lack of Stereospecificity
Lack of Stereospecific Effects of Isoflurane and Desflurane Isomers in Isolated Guinea Pig Hearts
L-Arginine Attenuates Ketamine-induced Increase in Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activity
Effects of Halothane and Propofol on Purified Brain Protein Kinase C Activation
Direct Negative Inotropic and Lusitropic Effects of Sevoflurane
Vecuronium Neuromuscular Blockade Reflects Liver Function during Hepatic Autotransplantation in Pigs
Thermogenesis in Brown Adipocytes Is Inhibited by Volatile Anesthetic Agents A Factor Contributing to Hypothermia in Infants?
Methionine Prevents Nitrous Oxide-induced Teratogenicity in Rat Embryos Grown in Culture
Left Ventricular Mechanical Consequences of Dihydropyridine Calcium Channel Modulation in Conscious and Anesthetized Chronically Instrumented Dogs
Nitric Oxide Does Not Mediate Coronary Vasodilation by Isoflurane
Halothane Modifies Ischemia-associated Injury to the Voltage-sensitive Calcium Channels in Canine Heart Sarcolemma
Effects of Subanesthetic Concentrations of Isoflurane and Their Interactions with Epinephrine on Acquisition and Retention of the Rabbit Nictitating Membrane Response
Inhibition of Volatile Sevoflurane Degradation Product Formation in an Anesthesia Circuit by a Reduction in Soda Lime Temperature
A Laboratory Comparison of Three Pulmonary Artery Oximetry Catheters
Thyrotoxicosis Factitia in the Anesthetized Patient
Successful Use of Inhaled Nitric Oxide for Treatment of Severe Hypoxemia in an Infant with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return
Short Circuit in the Operating Room
Total Spinal Anesthesia during Cesarean Section Hours after Previous Unintentional Dural Puncture
The Bullard Laryngoscope and Size of the Endotracheal Tube
A Low-cost Alternative for More Efficient Quality Assurance
Postanesthetic Apnea in Full-term Infants
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Sympathetically Maintained Pain after Surgery May Be Prevented by Regional Anesthesia
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EMLA Cream in the Treatment of Causalgic Pain
What Is an Acceptable Preoperative Serum Potassium Level for Surgery?
Industry Support of Research and Conflict of Interest
Motivation, Bias, and Scientific Integrity
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Is There Equivalence between Compound A and a Synthetic Olefin?
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Head Immobilization in Eye Surgery
Applied Respiratory Physiology
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