Anesthetic Complications in Muscle Disorders
Masseter Muscle Rigidity Associated with Glycine1306 -to- Alanine Mutation in the Adult Muscle Sodium Channel α-Subunit Gene
Pharmacokinetics of Rocuronium in Children Aged 4–11 Years
Wheezing during Induction of General Anesthesia in Patients with and without Asthma
Dexmedetomidine Premedication Attenuates Ketamine-induced Cardiostimulatory Effects and Postanesthetic Delirium
Oral Clonidine Premedication Blunts the Heart Rate Response to Intravenous Atropine in Awake Children
The Cardiovascular Effects and Histamine-releasing Properties of 51W89 in Patients Receiving Nitrous Oxide/Opioid/Barbiturate Anesthesia
The Clinical Neuromuscular Pharmacology of 51W89 in Patients Receiving Nitrous Oxide/Opioid/Barbiturate Anesthesia
The Iontophoresis of Fentanyl Citrate in Humans
Effect of Halothane Anesthesia on Glucose Utilization and Production in Adolescents
Increasing Mean Skin Temperature Linearly Reduces the Core- temperature Thresholds for Vasoconstriction and Shivering in Humans
Propofol Linearly Reduces the Vasoconstriction and Shivering Thresholds
Defining Quality of Perioperative Care by Statistical Process Control of Adverse Outcomes
Touch-evoked Agitation Produced by Spinally Administered Phospholipid Emulsion and Liposomes in Rats
The Relation between Cerebral Metabolic Rate and Ischemic Depolarization
A Comparison of the Effects of Hypothermia, Pentobarbital, and Isoflurane on Cerebral Energy Stores at the Time of Ischemic Depolarization
Nitric Oxide Modulation of Pulmonary Blood Flow Distribution in Lobar Hypoxia
The Effect of Intrinsic Efficacy on Opioid Tolerance
Halothane Reduces Focal Ischemic Injury in the Rat When Brain Temperature Is Controlled
Nitrogen Dioxide Production during Mechanical Ventilation with Nitric Oxide in Adults
Inhibition of Sodium/Calcium Exchange and Calcium Channels of Heart Cells by Volatile Anesthetics
Role of Nitric Oxide in the Development of Thermal Hyperesthesia Induced by Sciatic Nerve Constriction Injury in the Rat
Effects of Propofol on Calcium sup 2+ Regulation by Malignant Hyperthermia-susceptible Muscle Membranes
An Enkephalinase Inhibitor, SCH 32615, Augments Analgesia Induced by Surgery in Mice
Human Plasma Cholinesterase for Antagonism of Prolonged Mivacurium-induced Neuromuscular Blockade
Aortic Intussusception
Reversal of Intense Mivacurium Block with Human Plasma Cholinesterase in Patients with Atypical Plasma Cholinestrase
Propofol Use during Neuropsychiatric Examination under Sedation
TEC 6 Power Cord Problem
Separation of the Oscillometric Calibration from the Arterial Tonometer Signal
Precurved Transtracheal Catheters
Neurotoxicity of Contrast Agents
Neurotoxicity of Contrast Agents
Proper Placement of the Esophageal Tracheal Combitube
Ondansetron or Metoclopramide in Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy
Endotracheal Tube Replacement in Patients with Cervical Spine Injury
Voltage-sensitive Calcium Channels and Ischemia
Elastance Versus Compliance
Clinical Management of the Airway
Society of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care