Cardiac Outcomes after Regional or General Anesthesia
Cardiac Outcome after Peripheral Vascular Surgery
Tourniquet-induced Exsanguination in Patients Requiring Lower Limb Surgery
Effects of Combining Propofol and Alfentanil on Ventilation, Analgesia, Sedation, and Emesis in Human Volunteers
Measuring the Performance of Anesthetic Depth Indicators
Prediction of Movement during Propofol/Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia
Electroencephalogram Bispectral Analysis Predicts the Depth of Midazolam-induced Sedation
Differences in Respiratory Reflex Responses from the Larynx, Trachea, and Bronchi in Anesthetized Female Subjects
Propofol Fails to Attenuate the Cardiovascular Response to Rapid Increases in Desflurane Concentration
Hemodynamic Responses to Intravascular Injection of Epinephrine-containing Epidural Test Doses in Adults during General Anesthesia
Prospective Examination of Epidural Catheter Insertion
Comparison of the Spinal Actions of the micro-Opioid Remifentanil with Alfentanil and Morphine in the Rat
Effect of Volatile Anesthetics on Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Injury in Aortic and Pulmonary Arterial Endothelial Cells
Propofol Attenuates Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Mechanical and Metabolic Derangements in the Isolated Rat Heart
Effect of Blood Pressure Changes on Air Flow Dynamics in the Upper Airway of the Decerebrate Cat
Effects of Ventilation on Hemodynamics and Myocardial Blood Flow during Active Compression-Decompression Resuscitation in Pigs
Intravenous Opioids Stimulate Norepinephrine and Acetylcholine Release in Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn
Interaction of Nondepolarizing Muscle Relaxants with M2 and M3 Muscarinic Receptors in Guinea Pig Lung and Heart
New Ultrathin-walled Endotracheal Tube with a Novel Laryngeal Seal Design
Muscarinic Signaling in the Central Nervous System
Richard von Foregger, Ph.D., 1872–1960
Adult Rat Brain-Slice Preparation for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of Hypoxia
Use of Transesophageal Atrial Pacing during Electroconvulsive Therapy
Vertebral Osteomyelitis as a Cause of Back Pain after Epidural Anesthesia
Illicit Cocaine Ingestion during Anesthesia
Coronary Artery Spasm after Ephedrine in a Patient with High Spinal Anesthesia
Propofol and Postoperative Pancreatitis
Spinal Cord Infarction after Surgery in a Patient in the Hyperlordotic Position
Mortality during Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Placement
Anaphylactoid Reaction to Protamine Confirmed by Plasma Tryptase in a Diabetic Patient during Open Heart Surgery
Pancreatitis after Propofol Administration
Pancreatitis after Propofol Administration
Payment for Routine Postoperative Patient-controlled Analgesia
Payment for Routine Postoperative Patient-controlled Analgesia
Preoxygenation Technique Is Not Ideal
Preoxygenation Technique Is Not Ideal
Placement of an Endotracheal Device Via the Laryngeal Mask Airway in a Patient with Tracheal Stenosis
Electrocardiogram Ordering Practices among Anesthesiologists
Unrecognized Migration of an Entire Guidewire on Insertion of a Central Venous Catheter into the Cardiovascular System
Problems in Assessing the Effect of Nebulized Prostacyclin in Patients Whose Lungs Are Ventilated
Problems in Assessing the Effect of Nebulized Prostacyclin in Patients Whose Lungs Are Ventilated
Presence of Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha and Tumor Necrosis Factor Soluble Receptors in Erythrocyte Concentrates
Horizons in Pain Research