Some Announcements for the New Year
Using the Skin Vasomotor Reflex to Access Autonomic Reactivity to Laryngoscopy and Intubation
Mapping Anesthesia Genes
Skin Vasomotor Reflex Predicts Circulatory Responses to Laryngoscopy and Intubation
Dose Proportionality and Pharmacokinetics of Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate
Recovery of Storage and Emptying Functions of the Urinary Bladder after Spinal Anesthesia with Lidocaine and with Bupivacaine in Men
Effects of Intravenous Anesthetics on Normal and Passively Sensitized Human Isolated Airway Smooth Muscle
Variability in Transfusion Practice for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Persists Despite National Consensus Guidelines
Postoperative Analgesia by Intra-articular Neostigmine in Patients Undergoing Knee Arthroscopy
Cerebral Swelling after Normothermic Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Role of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy in Conjunction with the Use of Double-lumen Tubes for Thoracic Anesthesia
The Response of Patients with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy to Neuromuscular Blockade with Vecuronium
The Dose-Response Relation of Intrathecal Fentanyl for Labor Analgesia
In Vivo and In Vitro Studies of the Inhibitory Effect of Propofol on Human Platelet Aggregation
Susceptibility to Upper Airway Obstruction during Partial Neuromuscular Block
Identification of a Genetic Region in Mice that Specifies Sensitivity to Propofol
Hypothermic Modulation of Cerebral Ischemic Injury during Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Pigs
Effects of Temperature on Cerebral Tissue Oxygen Tension, Carbon Dioxide Tension, and pH during Transient Global Ischemia in Rabbits
Selective Pulmonary Vasodilation Induced by Aerosolized Zaprinast
Structure-Activity Relation of N-alkyl Tetracaine Derivatives as Neurolytic Agents for Sciatic Nerve Lesions
In Vivo Effects of Dexmedetomidine on Laser-Doppler Flow and Pial Arteriolar Diameter
Influence of Volatile Anesthetics on Thromboxane A2 Signaling
Inhibitory Effects of Propofol on Intracellular Signaling by Endothelin-1 in Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells
Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Preserves Adenosine Triphosphate but Not Intracellular pH during Hypoxia in Respiring Neonatal Rat Brain Slices
Nitrous Oxide-induced Enhancement of γ-Aminobutyric Acid-A-mediated Chloride Currents in Acutely Dissociated Hippocampal Neurons
Effects of Intrathecal Neostigmine, Bupivacaine, and Their Combination on Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Rats
Effects of Intrathecally Administered Lamotrigine, a Glutamate Release Inhibitor, on Short- and Long-term Models of Hyperalgesia in Rats
Activation of Adenosine Triphosphate-regulated Potassium Channels
Adolf Fick (1829–1901), Physiologist
Survey of Former Recipients of Research Funding from the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research
Use of a Nerve Stimulator for Phrenic Nerve Block in Treatment of Hiccups
General Anesthesia in a Patient with an Enlarged Saber Sheath Trachea
Unusual Hypotension and Bradycardia in a Patient Receiving Fenfluramine, Phentermine, and Fluoxetime
Unusual Psychological Manifestation of Systemic Local Anesthetic Toxicity
Induction of Ventricular Fibrillation to Facilitate Endovascular Stent Graft Repair of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms
Gastric Rupture after Inadvertent Esophageal Intubation with a Jet Ventilation Catheter
A Sudden Increase in Expired Nitrogen
Pressor Response to Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition during Halothane Anesthesia in Rats Is Altered by Inspired Oxygen Concentration
Desflurane Degradation to Carbon Monoxide
Nasal End-tidal CO2 Monitoring
An Unusual Cause of Partial ETT Obstruction
The Obstruction of an Endotracheal Tube by the Plastic Coating Sheared from a Stylet
Laser Pointer As a Teaching Tool in Operating Rooms
An Anesthetic Curiosity in New York (1875–1900)
Unilateral Transient Sialadenopathy
Open Adjustable Pressure Limiter Valve
An Alternative Technique for Interpleural Analgesia
Geriatric Anesthesiology
Fiberoptic Endoscopy and the Difficult Airway, 2nd edition
Image Guided Pain Management
Critical Care Management Case Studies
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