Effects of Positioning and General Anesthesia on Intraocular Pressure Examined.
Sheep Lung Injury Model Used to Study Effect of Vaporized Perfluorocarbon.
Susceptibility of Nerve Fibers to Local Anesthesia: “Size Principle” Challenged.
Elucidating Links between Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Neurocognitive Function in the Rat.
Smiles, Kudos, and Comments
Echocardiography and Anesthesiology Successes and Challenges
The Transfer Half-life of Morphine-6-glucuronide from Plasma to Effect Site Assessed by Pupil Size Measurement in Healthy Volunteers
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Spinal Ropivacaine for Cesarean Section
Are Estimates of MAC Reliable?
Effect of Clonidine on Lidocaine Clearance In Vivo
Internal Jugular Vein Occlusion Test for Rapid Diagnosis of Misplaced Subclavian Vein Catheter into the Internal Jugular Vein
Protamine-induced Cardiotoxicity Is Prevented by Anti-TNF-α Antibodies and Heparin
Rapid Endotoxin-induced Alterations in Myocardial Calcium Handling
Effects of Vaporized Perfluorocarbon on Pulmonary Blood Flow and Ventilation/Perfusion Distribution in a Model of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Cervicomedullary Intrathecal Injection of Morphine Produces Antinociception in the Orofacial Formalin Test in the Rat
Preferential Block of Small Myelinated Sensory and Motor Fibers by Lidocaine
Morphine-induced Spinal Release of Adenosine Is Reduced in Neuropathic Rats
Management of Cerebral Perfusion Pressure after Traumatic Brain Injury
Continuous Posterior Lumbar Plexus Block for Acute Postoperative Pain Control in Young Children
Hepatocellular Injury following the Administration of Propofol
Two Cases of Fatal Thrombosis after Aminocaproic Acid Therapy and Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
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Difficult Laryngoscopy Due to the Abnormal Palatoglossal Arch
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