This Month in Anesthesiology
Immediate Early Genes after Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment: Neurobiology in Need of Clinical Trials
Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass and the Hypothesis from Which It Grew: Is It Yet to Be Tested? What Are the Downsides of the Lingering Questions?
Anesthesiology’s New Continuing Medical Education Program
Evaluation of Seldinger Technique Emergency Cricothyroidotomy versus Standard Surgical Cricothyroidotomy in 200 Cadavers
Terlipressin versus Norepinephrine to Counteract Anesthesia-induced Hypotension in Patients Treated with Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitors: Effects on Systemic and Regional Hemodynamics
Laryngeal Reflex before and after Placement of Airway Interventions: Endotracheal Tube and Laryngeal Mask Airway™
Propofol and Thiopental Do Not Interfere with Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Response at Sedative Concentrations
Succinylcholine Dosage and Apnea-induced Hemoglobin Desaturation in Patients
The Effect of Esmolol on Cerebral Blood Flow, Cerebral Vasoreactivity, and Cognitive Performance: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Single Acceleromyographic Train-of-Four, 100-Hertz Tetanus or Double-Burst Stimulation: Which Test Performs Better to Detect Residual Paralysis?
No Evidence of Memory Function during Anesthesia with Propofol or Isoflurane with Close Control of Hypnotic State
Electronic Nose Prediction of a Clinical Pneumonia Score: Biosensors and Microbes
Optoacoustic, Noninvasive, Real-Time, Continuous Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Oxygenation: An In Vivo Study in Sheep
Isoflurane Modulation of Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Expressed in Human Embryonic Kidney Cells
Comparative Cardiac Effects of Terlipressin, Vasopressin, and Norepinephrine on an Isolated Perfused Rabbit Heart
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Ketamine-mediated Inhibition of Sarcolemmal Adenosine Triphosphate-sensitive Potassium Channels
Isoflurane Protects against Myocardial Infarction during Early Reperfusion by Activation of Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase Signal Transduction: Evidence for Anesthetic-induced Postconditioning in Rabbits
Effect of Propofol on Carotid Body Chemosensitivity and Cholinergic Chemotransduction
Rapacuronium Preferentially Antagonizes the Function of M2 versus M3 Muscarinic Receptors in Guinea Pig Airway Smooth Muscle
Pulsed and Continous Radiofrequency Current Adjacent to the Cervical Dorsal Root Ganglion of the Rat Induces Late Cellular Activity in the Dorsal Horn
Gabapentin Normalizes Spinal Neuronal Responses That Correlate with Behavior in a Rat Model of Cancer-induced Bone Pain
Changes in Response Properties and Receptive Fields of Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons in Rats after Surgical Incision in Hairy Skin
Changes in Properties of Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons and Their Sensitivity to Morphine after Spinal Cord Injury in the Rat
Effects of Halothane and Isoflurane on Hyperexcitability of Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons after Incision in the Rat
Double Epidural Catheter with Ropivacaine versus Intravenous Morphine: A Comparison for Postoperative Analgesia after Scoliosis Correction Surgery
Influence of Obesity on Surgical Regional Anesthesia in the Ambulatory Setting: An Analysis of 9,038 Blocks
Does Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Reduce Mortality, Morbidity, and Resource Utilization When Compared with Conventional Coronary Artery Bypass? A Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials
Anesthesia for Patients with Congenital Long QT Syndrome
Ketamine for Perioperative Pain Management
Efficacy and Safety of Epidural Opioids for Postoperative Analgesia
Successful Use of Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Treatment of Severe Raynaud's Disease of the Hands
Tramadol and Vocal Cord Closure
Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Facilitates Excitability in Rat Hippocampal Slices through γ-Aminobutyric Acid A Receptor-mediated Disinhibition
Anesthesia-compatible Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Anesthesia-compatible Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Anesthesia-compatible Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Proponents of Liberalized Fasting Guidelines
Adequate Preoperative Fasting and Aspiration: Factors Affecting Regurgitation
Adequate Preoperative Fasting and Aspiration: Factors Affecting Regurgitation
Pacemaker and Electrocardiographic Monitor Psuedomalfunction during Extracardiac Radiofrequency Ablation
Adequate Preoperative Fasting and Aspiration: Factors Affecting Regurgitation
Amitriptyline Neurotoxicity
Amitriptyline Neurotoxicity
The Macintosh Laryngoscope Blade
Macintosh's Laryngoscope
Sonographic Localization of an Implanted Infusion Pump Injection Port: Another Useful Application of Ultrasound in Pain Medicine
Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Principles and Practice.
The Anesthesiologist’s Manual of Surgical Procedures, Third Edition.
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