Porphyrin-inducing Activity of Alfaxolone and Alfadolone Acetate in Chick Embryo Liver Cells

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The two steroid components of Alfathesin®, alfaxolone and alfadolone acetate, have been tested for porphyrin-inducing activity in chick embryo liver cell culture and for hepatic ALA-synthetase-inducing activity in the 17-day-old chick embryo. In cell culture alfoxolone was shown to have potency comparable to that of thiopental, while alfadolone acetate had low potency. In the 17-day-old chick embryo alfaxolone has a third the potency of thiopental; alfadolone acetate showed low potency. The authors conclude that an induction dose of Alfathesin® would be less likely than a comparable dose of thiopental to increase ALA-synthetase activity in a patient with hereditary hepatic porphyris.

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