Association Between Epicardial Fat Thickness and Weight Homeostasis Hormones in Patients With Noncachectic Heart Failure

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The relationship between echocardiographically measured epicardial fat thickness (EFT) and plasma concentrations of leptin, ghrelin, and adiponectin has not been evaluated in patients with noncachectic heart failure (HF). Patients with noncachectic HF and age- and sex-matched controls did not differ significantly in EFT, whereas EFT values showed significant positive correlation with body mass index (BMI) in both groups and were negatively related with brain natriuretic peptide and positively with log leptin values in the HF group. In the control group, a positive correlation with high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) and a negative correlation with log ghrelin were found. In multivariable analysis, log leptin was a significant predictor of EFT in patients with HF, but this effect was not retained after adjusting for BMI. In contrast, log ghrelin and hsCRP were significant predictors of EFT in controls even after adjusting for BMI.

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