Assessment of the Procoagulant Activity of Microparticles and the Protein Z System in Patients Undergoing Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

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To understand the coagulation changes after off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) surgery, we evaluated the procoagulant activity of microparticles (MPs) and microparticles exposing tissue factor (MPs-TF), together with the levels of total tissue factor (TF), protein Z (PZ), protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor (ZPI), and factor X (FX) before (first day) and 1 week after surgery (seventh day) in plasma samples from 30 patients. Twenty healthy controls were also included. Compared to the controls, patients scheduled for surgery had significantly higher MPs-TF procoagulant activity and lower TF levels (P = .0006, P = .02, respectively). In the whole cohort, median procoagulant activity of MPs-TF and median levels of TF and ZPI were significantly lower (P = .02, P = .0003, and P = .004, respectively), while median levels of PZ and FX were significantly higher (P = .02 and P = .002, respectively) on the seventh day compared to the first day. Our results suggest that OPCAB surgery has a significant effect on the procoagulant activity of MPs-TF and the PZ system.

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