Computed Tomography and Cross-sectional Anatomy of the Normal Dromedary Camel Tarsus (One Humped Camel)

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The purpose of this study was to provide a detailed computed tomographic (CT) anatomic reference for the dromedary camel tarsus. Six cadaver pelvic limbs, obtained from three clinically and radiographically sound dromedary camels, were scanned in both soft tissue and bone windows starting from the calcaneal tuber towards the proximal metatarsus. Limbs were frozen at −20°C and sectioned transversely via an electric bone saw. The CT images were evaluated and correlated with their corresponding cryosections. The resulting images provided detailed anatomic features for bones, joints and soft tissue components of the tarsus and are intended to serve as a basic reference for the CT scanning of the dromedary camel tarsal pathology.

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