How far and how fast can genomics take us towards precision breeding?
Using the genomic relationship matrix to predict the accuracy of genomic selection
Efficient computation of the genomic relationship matrix and other matrices used in single-step evaluation
The unified approach to the use of genomic and pedigree information in genomic evaluations revisited
The impact of the rank of marker variance–covariance matrix in principal component evaluation for genomic selection applications
Use of haplotypes to estimate Mendelian sampling effects and selection limits
Using genome-wide information to minimize the loss of diversity in conservation programmes
Maximization of total genetic variance in breed conservation programmes
Consequences for diversity when prioritizing animals for conservation with pedigree or genomic information
Use of a microsatellite-based pedigree in estimation of heritabilities for economic traits in Australian blue mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis
Y chromosome genetic diversity in the Lidia bovine breed: a highly fragmented population
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