Livestock genetic improvement in New Zealand – a world apart but a part of the world
The effect of the ‘Gait keeper’ mutation in the DMRT3 gene on gaiting ability in Icelandic horses
A joint analysis to identify loci underlying variation in nematode resistance in three European sheep populations
Genetic variation in the ovine uncoupling protein 1 gene: association with carcass traits in New Zealand (NZ) Romney sheep, but no association with growth traits in either NZ Romney or NZ Suffolk sheep
Differences between genomic-based and pedigree-based relationships in a chicken population, as a function of quality control and pedigree links among individuals
Supervised independent component analysis as an alternative method for genomic selection in pigs
Increasing imputation and prediction accuracy for Chinese Holsteins using joint Chinese–Nordic reference population
Investigations on the pattern of linkage disequilibrium and selection signatures in the genomes of German Piétrain pigs
Identification of the putative ancestral allele of bovine single-nucleotide polymorphisms
Mitochondrial DNA diversity of Anatolian indigenous domestic goats
The contribution of migrant breeds to the genetic gain of beef traits of German Vorderwald and Hinterwald cattle
Use of robust multivariate linear mixed models for estimation of genetic parameters for carcass traits in beef cattle
Genetic parameters for direct and maternal calving ease in Walloon dairy cattle based on linear and threshold models
Genetic parameters for chronic progressive lymphedema in Belgian Draught Horses
Evaluation of the length of competitive life in Hungarian sport horses
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