The frontier spirit and reproducible research in animal breeding
Accuracy of genomic prediction of purebreds for cross bred performance in pigs
A comparison of methods to estimate genomic relationships using pedigree and markers in livestock populations
Sensitivity of breeding values for carcass traits of meat-type quail to changes in dietary (methionine + cystine):lysine ratio using reaction norm models
An evaluation of alternative selection indexes for a non-linear profit trait approaching its economic optimum
Risk aversion affects economic values of blue fox breeding scheme
Prediction of genetic gain in finite populations with heterogeneous predicted breeding values accuracies
Analysis of competition performance in dressage and show jumping of Dutch Warmblood horses
Relationship between calving difficulty and fertility traits in first-parity Iranian Holsteins under standard and recursive models
Inbreeding depression in Zebu cattle traits
Traditional livestock breeding practices of men and women Somali pastoralists: trait preferences and selection of breeding animals
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