Special Issue : Quantitative and statistical genetics—papers in honour of Daniel Gianola
Daniel Gianola's contributions to animal breeding and quantitative genetics, a vuelo de pájaro
Prediction of complex traits : Conciliating genetics and statistics
Pedigree‐based estimation of covariance between dominance deviations and additive genetic effects in closed rabbit lines considering inbreeding and using a computationally simpler equivalent model
“Conversion” of epistatic into additive genetic variance in finite populations and possible impact on long‐term selection response†
Modelling female fertility traits in beef cattle using linear and non‐linear models
A comparison of identity‐by‐descent and identity‐by‐state matrices that are used for genetic evaluation and estimation of variance components
Beyond genomic selection : The animal model strikes back (one generation)!
Genomic variance estimates : With or without disequilibrium covariances?
Accuracy of genomic breeding values revisited : Assessment of two established approaches and a novel one to determine the accuracy in two‐step genomic prediction
Accuracy of genomic within‐family selection in aquaculture breeding programmes
Solving efficiently large single‐step genomic best linear unbiased prediction models
Prediction of whole‐genome risk for selection and management of hyperketonemia in Holstein dairy cattle