Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees from microsatellite (STR) loci
The molecular biology of human blood groups
Strains, PrP genotypes and scrapie susceptibility
Genetics of resistance to trypanosomiasis in mice and livestock
QTL mapping and marker-assisted selection in plants
Unstable DNA and human genetic diseases
Manipulation of the mouse genome by homologous recombination
Genetics of Hirschsprung's disease
Characterization of baboon (Papio cynocephalus) non-casein proteins
Comparison of electrophoretic and chromotographic methods for analysis of deer haemoglobins
Evaluation of genetic diversity in Friesian cattle with the aid of AFLP™ markers
Identification of bovine Y-specific random amplified polymorphic DNA markers by bulked segregant analysis
Genetic distance between German cattle breeds
Exclusion probabilities of 22 bovine microsatellite markers in fluorescent multiplexes for automated parentage verification
Monte Carlo methods applied to genetic distances between European cattle breeds
Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation and the origins of domestic cattle
Measuring the incidence of parentage conflicts in the Dutch Black-and-White cattle population using the StockMarks® microsatellites
A closed system within blood group locus B of cattle
Genotyping microsatellites in bovine twins
Discrimination of bovine CSN2 alleles by PCR-SSCP method
An estimation of heterogeneity of a captive Saudi Goitered gazelle
The κ-casein polymorphism and somatotropin polymorphism study in some Ukrainian and Russian local cattle breeds
Population genetics bovine Argentine Creole Cattle
Assessment of genetic diversity and breed relationships of sub-Saharan African cattle by microsatellite analysis
Phenotypic designations of Togolese cattle correlate strongly with microsatellite allele frequency data
Usefullness of microsatellites from the ISAG comparison test for parentage control in Danish Black-and-White cattle
Bovine chromosome 12 haplotypes as markers for identification of individuals and parentage
Genetic diversity and geographic distribution of Asian water buffaloes based on the polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA
Genetic characterization of Chianina and Frisona breeds through microsatellite variability
Genetic comparisons between populations using dinucleotide microsatellite markers and pooled DNA samples
Molecular biogeography of domesticated cattle revealed with DNA polymorphisms
Duffy blood group antigens (Fya and Fyb) on cattle erythrocytes
Bovine microsatellites in bisons
Phylogeny of cattle species based on nuclear DNA marker
Microsatellite DNA polymorphisms in Bison bison: genetic variation and hybrid detection
Genotyping of six bovine κ-casein alleles including the two new alleles F and G
Genetic diversity in the Bovini
Genetic structure and distances between three Spanish bovine breeds using INRA5, 63, ETH 3, 10, 225 and ILSTS005 microsatellites
Genotyping of αS1 casein milk protein in Indian cattle and buffaloes using allele-specific polymerase chain reaction
Isolation, characterization and evolution of bovine trinucleotide and tetranucleotide microsatellite repeat sequences
Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of exon 2 of the MHCBibo-DRB3 gene in European bison (Bison bonasus)
Genetic variation of Estonian Native cattle populations
The study of the polymorphism of casein genes in some Russian cattle breeds and related species of Bovinae
Genotyping milk proteins by PCR in the Spanish Menorquina cattle breed
Immunogenetic structure in a population of Black and White cattle in West Siberia
Polymorphic sites in introns 6 and 7 of tumour suppressor gene p53 in the domestic cat (Felis catus)
Amplification of microsatellite DNA loci of Spanish partridges (Alectoris rufa & A. graeca) by chicken-specific primers
DNA fingerprinting of Alectoris Partridges in Spain
Molecular characterization of endogenous viral genes in an experimental population of brown-egg layers
The comparison of qualitative traits of Asian, Mediterranean chicken breeds and the Red Jungle Fowl-the problem of domestic chicken origin
Isozyme electrophoresis in Red-legged (Alectoris rufa) and Chukar (Alectoris chukar) Partridges
Enzymatic analysis in some wild populations of Spanish Red Partridge
Duplex amplification of six microsatellites for paternity testing in canine species
Evaluation of microsatellites markers for parentage identification in dogs
Automating canine parentage verification
Estimates of genetic variation in dogs based on microsatellite polymorphism
Isolation of a canine trinucleotide (TGG)n
Analysis of the Irish Greyhound population using multi locus and single locus genetic fingerprinting probes
Variability of canine microsatellites in three different dog breeds
Study of genetic variability in brown trout (Salmo trutta fario) populations using mtDNA analysis
Analysis of genetic variation of brown trout (Salmo trutta fario) populations using RAPD markers in pools of DNA
Erythrocyte antigens factors and blood isoantibody in silver-foxes
Two mutations might be responsible for the absence of β-casein in goat milk
Genetic diversity in Swiss goat breeds
Automated equine paternity testing
Population structure analysis in Asturcon pony breed based on microsatellite markers and herdbook information
Survey of microsatellite (STR) types in nine North American equine breeds
Genetic analysis of the Exmoor Pony
Analysis of protease inhibitor (Pi) polymorphism in a local Sardinian Horse population
Mitochondrial D-loop variation in Lipizzan horses
Improvement of immunization efficiency when producing monospecific reagents in horses
Genetic variation of the endangered Catalonian donkey breed
Genetic polymorphisms of equine ceruloplasmin and plasminogen in 12 horse breeds including Japanese native horses using a simultaneous detection method by isoelectric focusing
Comparative analysis of some genetic markers in Polish Arabs and Konik Polski
Serological and electrophoretic markers in the Marwari horse
Genetic variability and paternity testing in the Asturcon pony breed based on microsatellite markers
Preliminary study of genetic variation of a feral pony from Portugal
Blood protein polymorphisms in the donkey (Equus asinus) in Morocco
Phylogenetic relationships between French, Moroccan and American horse breeds
The use of DNA-markers for some horse-breed evaluations
Genetic analysis of the Yakut horse of Siberia, Russia
Origin of East Asian native horse populations as revealed from microsatellite variation
Biochemical polymorphisms and blood-group systems from the Cartujana strain of Pure Spanish Breed horse (Andalusian Horse)
New unrecognized protease inhibitor (Pi) variant in Anglo Arabo Sardo (AAS) horse
A new A1B allele in Arabian horses raised in Poland
Population characteristics of Yorkshire (Y) and Large White (LW) pigs based on the microsatellite allelic frequencies
Some genetic markers in blood of Yugoslav autochthonous swine breeds
DNA typing for SLA-DRB by PCR using sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP)
RYR1 screening in Siberian swine populations
Reproduction of blood-group results with the use of different adjuvants
The genetic structure of the Siberian pig population on polymorphic systems
Genetic polymorphism of some proteins and enzymes in the blood of Yugoslav meat swine
Biochemical and genetic polymorphism of swine serum transferrin
Polymorphic loci and the microevolution process in pig populations
Genetic polymorphism of rabbit plasma proteins
Genetic relationships among sheep breeds using microsatellites
Preliminary results on the search for variability in ovine κ-casein
Research on RFLPs in some sheep and cattle groups at GH, FSH, follistatin and thymus loci
Assessment of genetic variation between rare breeds of sheep
Genetic analysis of sheep breeds derived from the Kalmykia
Two polymorphic microsatellite markers in sheep
Intragenic sequence alleles at the bovine growth hormone and prolactin loci in Israel Holstein dairy cattle
Comparative researches on the biochemical and immunogenetical markers between Chinese and Russian pig breeds
MHC incompatibility and pregnancy in cattle
Rapid analysis of genetic diversity at the DQA loci in African cattle
New BoLA-DRB3 alleles identified in a zebu Brahman population
Genetic mapping of trypanosusceptibility in the F2 generation of two full-sibling N'Dama × Boran families
Difference in proliferation and cytokine mRNA expression of peripheral blood mononuclear cells between Japanese Black × Japanese Shorthorn F1 and Japanese Shorthorn calves after Theileria sergenti infection
The correlation of the immune response efficiency to some antigens with indexes of somatic chromosome instability in cattle
BoLA typing by direct sequencing on a solid support
BoLA-DRB3-associated resistance to persistent lymphocytosis is characterized by reduced bovine leukaemia virus proviral load
Molecular cloning and sequencing of bovine MHC class II DQB exon 2 allelic sequences
Statusmetrical analysis of the BoLA class 1 with PL
Cloning and characterization of expressed bovine MHC DQA genes from a single animal
Bovine MHC class II associations with disease occurrence and production traits in Canadian dairy cattle
Advances in non-isotopic BoLA-DRB3 typing
BoLA-DRB3 genotyping of Black Pied cattle, aspects of resistance and susceptibility to leukaemia
MHC-DRB typing in cattle based on two closely linked microsatellites
The use of heteroduplex formation to evaluate the feline class II major histocompatibility complex
Genetic control of resistance to Salmonella enteritidis in chicken
Structural analysis and its expression of the chicken major histocompatibility complex B-L(class II)β gene
Resistance to coccidiosis (Eimeria tenella) in resistant and susceptible lines of chickens and their crosses
Antiviral control of Rous sarcoma virus-induced tumours in B19 White Leghorn chickens
Molecular analysis of the ev21 insertion and its integration site in super slow feathering Nunukan chicken
A second generation molecular map of the B and Rfp-Y complexes
Canine immune response markers
Characterization of the polymorphism in the DRB and DQB genes of the canine MHC
Identification of a single-base deletion that causes Scottish Terrier von Willebrand's disease
Molecular analysis of PCR products amplified by mouse interleukin-1 alpha primers in shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) genome
Detection of amino acid substitutions in the β1 domain of the caprine MHC class II DR molecule by PCR-RFLP
Investigation of equine class II major histocompatibility complex genes
Single-strand conformation polymorphism of the horse MHC class II genes
Characterization of polymorphism of horse MHC class II DRB gene by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
BoLA-DRB 3 exon 2-specific primers amplify closed related sequences in horses
Molecular cloning and mRNA expression of equine interleukin-1 receptor antagonist
Identification of imprinted genes controlling resistance to trypanosomiasis in mice
Allelic diversity and a long/short dichotomous size variation at the SLA-DRB1 locus in swine
Mac-1 is a receptor for bacterial infection of porcine alveolar macrophages
Expression and sequence analysis of MHC class I genes in the pig
Characterization of SLA-DRB and SLA-DQB alleles distinguished by PCR-RFLP
MHC alleles are associated with faecal egg counts following natural, predominantly Ostertagia circumcincta infection
Single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis of the second exon of a MHC class II DRB gene in sheep
Effect of monoclonal antibody to CD4+ T cells on resistance to Haemonchus contortus in Gulf Coast Native lambs
Vaccine response genes in sheep - no evidence for common genetic control
Heterogeneity in the recognition of Ostertagia circumcincta antigens by infected sheep
A generic single-species genome database
GEMMA: a database to manage and automate microsatellite genotyping
A database for monitoring a microsatellite isolation and mapping project
Comparative anchor-tagged sequences (CATS) for PCR-based typing of Type I markers of any mammalian species for genetic mapping and genomic diversity analyses
Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) for growth in the Japanese king prawn Penaeus japonicus
Visualization tools for genome mapping—the Anubis map manager
A genetic and cytogenetic map for bovine chromosome 11
Targeted isolation of microsatellites from YAC clones harbouring the SOD 1 gene of cattle
A genetic linkage map of the bovine genome II
Genetic mapping of 12 orthologs from human chromosomes 1 and 4 to bovine chromosomes 3, 6, 16 and 17.
Ancient DNA repeats as phylogenetic markers of artiodactyls.
Genetic mapping of the bovine cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV pseudogene
Construction of a YAC-contig in the vicinity of the polled locus in cattle
Are human ESTs useful tools for bovine gene mapping?
Chromosomal assignment of the bovine DYA/B indicates a large physical distance between major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II subregions
The BOVMAP database
New markers on bovine chromosome 1 are closely linked to the polled gene in Simmental and Pinzgauer cattle
Physical mapping of YACs containing BTA1-microsatellites by FISH
Characterization of a bovine/mouse hybridoma cell panel
Conservation of close linkage of pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide and thymidylate synthase loci between human and bovine
The alpha-amylase gene is located on chromosome 3 q23-q24 in cattle
The European BovMap programme
Isolation and mapping of two bovine microsatellites on 17 and sex chromosomes
Four comparative anchor loci in cattle mapped by thermal gradient gel electrophoresis
Generation and mapping of bovine DNA markers derived from cosmid clones
Genetic mapping of four bovine loci associated with SINE 3′ poly (A) sequences and a stretch of Adenines
Mapping of a region of recombination rate heterogeneity within the bovine MHC to the interval BM1258-RM33 using single sperm typing and meiotic breakpoint analysis
Molecular mapping of genes involved in feed-intake regulation
Bovine analogues of human trypanolytic factors
Refined mapping of the bovine C blood-group system (EAC) on BTA18
Construction of a bovine whole-genome radiation hybrid panel
Comparative karyotype of pig and cattle using whole chromosome painting probes
Genetic markers linked to the polled locus in cattle
Two polymorphic microsatellites within an 18 kb genomic clone containing the bovine ob gene
A comparative linkage map of human chromosome 13 and bovine chromosome 12
Isolation of polymorphic microsatellites for the integration of the bovine genetic and physical map
Excluding the mutations in the transmembrane region of FGFR3 as the cause of dwarfism in Dexter cattle
Construction of a bovine chromosome region specific library as a source for the targeted isolation of microsatellites
Isolation and chromosomal localization of candidate genes for bovine spinal muscular atrophy
Chromosomal localization of six meat-chicken-derived endogenous viral loci
Mapping the chicken genome-an aid to comparative studies
A microsatellite linkage map of the chicken (Gallus domesticus)
Chicken microsatellite markers
Current state of the genetic map of the chicken
Towards the integration of the chicken genetic and cytogenetic maps
Localization of the avian fatty acid synthase gene to a conserved region between a chicken microchromosome and human chromosome 17q
Development of chromosome-specific libraries for chicken chromosomes 1, 2, 3 and 4
Crossing-over frequency and linkage study in poultry: a cytogenetic approach
Construction of microsatellite DNA-enriched libraries in chickens
Construction of a YAC contig of the chicken MHC-bearing microchromosome
Development of microsatellite markers from a chicken brain cDNA library and mapping of the dominant white locus in chicken
Chicken major histocompatibility complexes B and Rfp-Y map to the same microchromosome
Positional mapping of the chicken genome by representational difference analysis
Two chicken genomic libraries in the PAC and BAC cloning systems
A comparative molecular cytogenetic analysis of the Lesser Malay Chevrotain (Artiodactyla: Pecora: Tragulidae)
Canine microsatellites assigned to chromosomes by fluorescence in-situ hybridization
Characterization of microsatellites and genes to map the dog genome
Genes encoding 18S+28S ribosomal RNA in the dog are located on three autosome pairs and the Y chromosome
AFLP map of the dog genome
Identification and organization of microsatellites in Penaeus vannamei shrimp
Diploid gynogenesis: a powerful tool for mapping and fine mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL)
Physical mapping of the atlantic salmon genome
Atlantic salmon MHC class I and II genes are not genetically linked
Genetic mapping of the polled/intersex locus (PIS) in goats
A low resolution male genetic linkage map of the goat genome
Linkage mapping using equine half-sib families
Characterization and localization of cosmid-derived microsatellites in the horse genome
Equine gene mapping: synteny mapping DNA markers
Linkage analysis between genetic markers in the horse
Isolation and characterization of equine microsatellites from a cosmid library
Identification of equine microsatellites for linkage map development
Efficacy of comparative anchor-tagged sites (CATS) primers for synteny mapping the horse
Cycling SPRINT: super-fast primed in situ targeting
Construction of a porcine yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) library
The distribution of minisatellites in the human, pig, and rat genome reflects the history of rearrangements involving chromosome-ends
Isolation and chromosomal assignment of the porcine TBP10 gene, a member of the Tat-binding protein/26S protease subunit family
New markers for linkage mapping in pigs
Cloning of the G18-C2 porcine MHC class III subregion
Assignment of porcine CYBA gene encoding NADPH oxidase-light chain subunit (p22-phox) to chromosome 6p15 by radioactive in situ hybridization
Establishment of the physical continuity between the pig SLA class I and class III regions
Porcine microsatellites isolated from gene dense regions for quantitative trait loci analysis
Isolation, sequencing and genetic mapping of myosin heavy-chain clones from porcine skeletal muscle
A PCR fragment containing repetitive elements maps close to CRC on porcine chromosome 6
Assignment of transcripts to the porcine genome map by SSCP and somatic cell hybrid mapping
Correspondences between human and porcine homologous chromosome segments using bidirectional chromosome painting
Characterization of a flow-sorted swine chromosome 6 library
Isolation of the pig medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase gene and assignment to chromosome 6q3.2
Porcine gene maps - a tool for identification of genes affecting important production traits
Linkage between porcine blood groups and microsatellites on chromosome 6, 9 and 15
Generation and mapping of porcine cosmids containing microsatellites
Mapping of genes isolated from a porcine small intestine cDNA library
The extension coat colour locus maps to pig chromosome 6
Isolation and chromosomal assignment of four genes in the pig by fluorescence in situ hybridization
The use of chromosome markers in the pig genome mapping
The analysis of genetic linkage between apolipoprotein E (APOE) locus and following loci localized on chromosome 6
Mapping in pig of genes involved in sexual differentiation
Cloning and sequencing of the porcine UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase gene-a candidate gene for the RN locus
Genetic mapping in Swiss Landrace pigs of the gene specifying receptors for F18 fimbriated Escherichia coli strains causing oedema disease and post-weaning diarrhoea
Chromosome analysis of the porcine FS-L3 cell line using flow cytometory
Information on porcine somatic cell hybrid panel used for regional assignments, available on WWW
A genomic scan assigns 14 blood groups and 12 protein polymorphisms in swine
Linkage maps of eight porcine chromosomes composed of microsatellite markers
A positional cloning study to identify the gene causing the 'Campus syndrome'
Non-overlapping subgenomic libraries from porcine chromosomes
A comparative study of pig chromosome 13 and human chromosome 3q
Molecular cloning of swine genomic fragments containing acrosin (ACR) and heart aconitase (ACO) genes, isolation of linkage markers from the fragments, and their assignment to swine chromosomes
Generation of a porcine radiation hybrid panel
Use of comparative anchor-tagged sequence (CATS) markers in pig gene mapping
Molecular analysis of the Callipyge locus
Progress in mapping the sheep genome
Isolation of chromosome-specific paints from high-resolution flow karyotypes of the sheep (Ovis aries)
Localization by fluorescence in situ hybridization of a RAPD marker to the sheep Y chromosome
Updating the sheep linkage map
No evidence of linkage between 94 genetic markers and the Spider Lamb gene in sheep
Completion of the sheep gene map by assignment of 35 new markers in somatic cell hybrids
Microsatellite typing in Spanish populations of pure breed dogs for paternity testing and animal identification
Magnetic bead capture of cDNAs by pig flow sorted chromosomes
Molecular analysis of congenital tremor type AIII in pigs
Quantitative fluorescence PCR assay for studing the expression of the gene encoding lipoprotein lipase in ovine adipose tissue
Sheep interspersed repetitive DNA elements
Cloning and partial sequencing of betaglucuronidase, one of the anchor loci type I, in the dog--homology with human, mouse, rat and E. coli sequences
SINEs associated with microsatellites for evolution studies
Isolation of new genes expressed in pig ovarian follicles by mRNA differential display
Isolation of coding sequences from bovine cosmids by means of exon trapping
Inhibition of lipid secretion in transfected chicken LMH cells expressing stearoyl coenzyme A desaturase 1 antisense RNA
Characterization of a null allele at an equine microsatellite locus
Functional analysis of the differential expression of bovine β-lactoglobulin A and B promoter variants in transient transfection of HC11 cells
Genetic polymorphism of serum protein systems and red cell protein systems in Japanese Sika deer (Cervus nippon)
Structure of the bovine aromatase encoding gene
Cloning seven new bovine Y-repetitive sequences using GDRDA
Biochemical characterization of the new β-casein variant in Korean Cattle
Complete sequence of the sheep (Ovis aries) mitochondrial genome and comparative data from another major haplotype
Nucleotide sequence of ovine α-inhibin (INHA) genes and evaluation of RFLP marker effects on reproductive performance
Isolation and organization of the bovine lysozyme gene cluster
Genomic cloning and sequence analysis of three different ovine βB-inhibin (INHBB) alleles
Cloning of homologous genes in mammals with cross-species PCR
A simple and rapid method for the isolation of DNA for genotyping purposes from milk samples
The caprine αs1-and β-casein genes are 12-kb apart and convergently transcribed
Use of single sperm typing to assess variability of recombination in cattle
Production and use of a microdissected swine chromosome 6 genomic library
Generation of expressed sequence tags from 21 randomly selected cDNA clones derived from a bovine ovary cDNA library
Candidate-genes for milk-fat synthesis and secretion in cattle: Acetyl-CoA-Carboxylase and Butyrophilin
Molecular cloning of several bovine DNA fragments homologous to the human α-2,6-Sialyltransferase gene
Isolation and molecular characterization of bovine Rhesus-like transcripts and chromosome mapping of the relevant locus
Isolation of amelogenin gene in equine genomic DNA
Intraspecific variation in mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in Japanese Sika deer (Cervus nippon)
Caprine T-cell receptor Vβ repertoire analysis of peripheral blood and synovial fluid cells of a naturally CAE virus-infected Saanengoat
Sequence analysis of the GH1, GH2-N and GH2-Z gene copies of the ovine growth hormone locus
Cloning and characterization of the porcine butyrylcholinesterase gene
One mutation might be responsible for the absence of β-casein in two breeds of goats
A three genome-equivalent pig YAC library allowing an efficient recovery of unique and repeated sequences
A nested PCR technique for synthesizing base pair ladders
The genomic structure of chicken ornithine transcarbamylase gene
Molecular cloning and sequencing of bovine β-galactoside α 1,2-fucosyltransferase genes
Porcine α1-antichymotrypsin-2 gene (AACT2)
A yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) library of the bovine genome
Expression levels of candidate genes for fat storage capacity differ between diverse growth-selected mouse lines
Identification, localization and functional analysis of FSH-regulated genes expressed in pig ovarian follicles
Pig NRAMP cDNA cloning and analysis of other genes for disease resistance and comparative genome mapping in pigs
Introduction of a proximal STAT5 binding site into the murine α-lactalbumin promoter eliminates constitutive activity and leads to prolactin dependency in CHO and HC11 cells
Sequence and genotypic analysis of bovine melanogenic proteins: melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor and tyrosinase related protein-2
Molecular cloning and expression of a bovine α(1,3)fucosyltransferase gene homologous to the ancestor gene of the human FUT3-FUT5-FUT6 cluster
Single tube allele-specific (STAS) PCR for direct determination of point mutations as an alternative to restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis
Marker-assisted selection in animal breeding schemes
Effect of linkage disequilibrium on response to marker-assisted selection
Identification of mastitis quantitative trait loci in an existing Holstein population
Analysis of genetic variability within the Piemontese cattle breed using microsatellite polymorphisms and research of association between individual multilocus genotypes and quantitative traits
Mapping quantitative trait loci in a dairy cattle granddaughter design using a non-parametric test
Double-muscling in the Asturiana de los Valles breed involves the same mh locus as in the Belgian Blue breed
Relation between cytogenetic variability in blood cells of cow embryo donors and embryo quantity
Verification cattle leukochimerism using PCR-RFLP techniques and automated sequencing of PCR products
Linkage analysis of Wagyu meat quality
Detection of QTL for milk production traits on chromosome 6 in German Holstein Friesian cattle
Mapping quantitative trait loci on cattle chromosome 3 and 19
Confirmation of correlations between the resistance and susceptibility characters to dermatophilosis and certain MHC class I and II alleles in a Brahman zebu population
Weaver carrier status effects on yield in German Brown cattle
Genetic investigation of the ‘rat-tail’ syndrome in Bos taurus cattle
Association studies on production and muzzle dermatoglyphic traits in Estonian cattle of different genetic origin
Detection of individual loci affecting economic traits in the USA Holstein population with the aid of DNA microsatellites
Association of bovine growth hormone genetic variants with milk production traits in Holstein cattle
Quantitative trait loci analysis for five milk production traits on chromosome six in the Dutch Holstein-Friesian population
Molecular characterization of the extension locus in several animal species
Mapping of quantitative trait loci in Finnish dairy cattle
Association of ornithine decarboxylase polymorphism with quantitative traits in poultry
Mapping QTL for production traits in a commercial broiler population
Apoprotein A1 mRNA levels differ in genetically lean and fat chickens
Lack of association between endogenous viral (ev) genes of meat-type chickens and early body weight or layer traits
Mapping quantitative trait loci for meat production in a broiler × layer cross using flanking DNA markers
Maintenance of genetic variability through gene interaction
Hormonal regulation of stearoyl coenzyme-A desaturase 1 gene expression and activity in primary cultured chicken hepatocytes
Candidate tissue approach: rapid identification of liver sequence tags which reveal trait-associated RFLPs in poultry
Possible association between an endogenous viral gene and body temperature in adult male chickens from a brown-egg strain
Mapping of quantitative trait loci affecting egg quality in chicken
Impact of sex differences on detection of quantitative trait loci in broilers
The genetic basis of dilated cardiomyopathy in Doberman Pinschers
Effect of αs1-casein polymorphism on milk quality traits in Sannen and Alpine goats bred in Italy
Mapping of body weight loci on mouse chromosome 11
Identification of quantitative trait loci for fecundity and growth in mice
Quantitative trait loci for murine body weight and fatness in a large F2 cross between high and low growth selection lines
Mapping of the genes contributing to high and low antibody responsiveness in Biozzy mice
Mapping QTLs for morphological and meat quality traits in a wild boar intercross
New PCR/RFLP test for the detection of porcine stress syndrome (PSS) in Spain
Identification of genomic regions associated with growth rate in swine
Mapping quantitative trait loci in a Meishan × Large White F2 population
Development of polymorphic markers within candidate loci for appetite regulation and estimation of allelic frequencies in lines of pigs with divergent genetic potential for feed intake
The porcine heart fatty acid-binding protein encoding gene as a candidate gene
Association analysis of extreme phenotypes for growth and carcass value in commercial pig breeds
Mapping of a major locus for familial hypercholesterolaemia to porcine chromosome 2 and identification of a candidate gene; the low density lipoprotein receptor
Relationship between lipoprotein allotypes and production traits in Duroc pigs
Mapping of quantitative trait loci for growth rate and carcass quality in pigs
Stress-resistance breeds of pigs in West Siberia
Further characterization of a major QTL for fatness on pig chromosome 4
Mapping and investigation of candidate genes for litter size in French Large White pigs
Toward the identification of RN gene involved in meat quality in pigs
Mapping of quantitative trait loci on chromosome 6 for performance traits in pigs
Mapping of genes for growth and carcass properties in Belgian Piétrain and Réhal breeds
Association of a DNA polymorphism in the aminopeptidase N (ANPEP) locus with production traits in pigs
Association between the swine MHC region and malic enzyme activity in muscle
The Kiel RN-project--using RN-resource families for QTL analysis
Identification of porcine male-specific molecular markers using random amplified polymorphic DNA
Additive genetic effects of the RYR1 and HSP70.2 loci upon stress susceptibility in swine
The relationship of the genotypic indices in blood groups of pigs with their productivity and natural resistance
Characterization of the porcine myogenin gene locus and association between polymorphism and growth traits
Mapping QTL in pigs
Scan of eight porcine chromosomes for growth, carcass and reproductive traits reveals two likely quantitative trait loci
The preliminary results of identification of FecB carriers in Booroola-Corriedale crossbred sheep using the OarAE101 microsatellite marker
Genomic imprinting: a possible explanation for the non-Mendelian inheritance pattern of the callipyge phenotype in sheep
Investigation on QTLs affecting milk production in sheep using microsatellite markers
Polymorphism at the growth hormone locus and milk production in Awassi dairy sheep
Genomic cloning and comparative sequence analyses of different alleles of the ovine βA-inhibin/activin (INBHA) gene as a potential QTL for litter size
Effect of β-lactoglobulin on milk composition and cheese yield in sheep