Assignment of markers by using polymerase chain reaction on pools of swine flow-sorted chromosomes
Cloning and characterization of 414 polymorphic porcine microsatellites
Introgression of the avian naked neck gene assisted by DNA fingerprints
A search for quantitative trait loci for ovulation rate in cattle
Assessment of genomic variability through DNA fingerprinting within and between chicken lines divergently selected for residual food consumption
The bovine butyrophilin gene maps to chromsome 23
Linkage mapping of the retinoic acid receptor-γ gene to porcine chromosome 5
Allele frequencies of the major milk proteins in the Finnish Ayrshire and detection of a new κ-casein variant
Restriction fragment length polymorphism in amplification products of the bovine butyrophilin gene
Integration of the PiGMaP and USDA maps for porcine chromosome 14
Use of chicken microsatellite markers in turkey
Linkage between the loci for serum albumin and vitamin D binding protein (GC) in the Japanese quail
Transfer of bovine microsatellites to the cervine (Cervus elaphus)
Characterization and linkage mapping of ten sheep microsatellite markers derived from a sheep × hamster cell hybrid
Simultaneous analysis of bovine κ-casein and BLAD alleles by multiplex PCR followed by parallel digestion with two restriction enzymes
PCR-SSCP in the ovine calpastatin gene
Mononucleotide repeat polymorphism within intron 1 of the bovine interferon-γ gene
A PstI RFLP at the bovine INHBA locus
A microsatellite (BOBT24) located between the bovine IL4 and IL13 loci is polymorphic in cattle and goat
RFLPs at the amylase 1 locus in cattle
Isolation of a Y-specific bovine DNA fragment using minisatellite-related PCR primers
Three new polymorphic equine microsatellites
A MboI polymorphism in the turkey revealed by (TCC)5 single primer amplified DNA fragment
Five polymorphic trinucleotide (CCA) bovine microsatellites
A second polymorphism in exon 2 of the BoLA-DYA gene
Five molecular markers localized by FISH on pig chromosomes
Equine dinucleotide repeat loci LEX015-LEX024
A BstUI PCR/RFLP in the bovine tyrosinase-related protein-1 (TYRP1) gene
UW52 and UW53
An ovine dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at the RJH1 locus
A polymorphic microsatellite locus (AFZ1) derived from a bovine brain cortex cDNA library
Five bovine polymorphic microsatellite markers (AF1-AF5)
Polymorphisms and physical locations of three bovine microsatellite loci