The porcine skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor gene structure coding region 1 to 10 614 harbouring 71 exons
Polymorphism at the ovine major histocompatibility complex class II loci
Characterization of isogenic carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) lines with a genetically determined high or low antibody production
Genes specifying receptors for F18 fimbriated Escherichia coli, causing oedema disease and postweaning diarrhoea in pigs, map to chromosome 6
Variants within the 5′-flanking region and the intron I of the bovine growth hormone gene
Detection of nucleotide variations in the D loop region of bovine mitochondrial DNA using polymerase chain reaction-based methodologies
Association of BoLA class II haplotypes with subclinical progression of bovine leukaemia virus infection in Holstein-Friesian cattle
Characterizing dog breed differentiation with microsatellite markers
Molecular genetic characterization of new bovine kappa-casein alleles CSN3F and CSN3G and genotyping by PCR-RFILP
The porcine TTR locus maps to chromosome 6q
Alignment of the PiGMaP and USDA linkage maps of porcine chromosomes 3 and 9
PCR-RFLP analysis of the cytochrome b gene in horse mitochondrial DNA
Characterization of 42 highly polymorphic bovine microsatellite markers
Polymerase chain reaction-based polymorphisms in the porcine cholecystokinin (CCK) gene and assignment to chromosome 13
Mapping of bovine fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3) to the telomeric region of chromosome 6 by SSCP analysis
Sequencing of a novel cDNA and mapping to bovine chromosome 7 by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis
A higly polymorphic RFLP marker in the canine transducin α-1 subunit gene (GNAT1)
A polymorphic trinucleotide microsatellite in cattle
A PstI RFLP at the porcine gene encoding the catalytic alpha subunit of protein kinase CK2
TaqI and HindIII RFLPs at the chicken PAX3 locus
BamHI RFLP at the chicken ACRG locus
PvuII PCR polymorphism at the chicken VIL locus
DNA polymorphism of the ryanodine receptor gene, exon 17 among six equus species
Four sequence tagged sites derived from a bovine chromosome 18 enriched library
Physical and genetic mapping of two polymorphic bovine dinucleotide repeats
Alanyl aminopeptidase N (ANPEP) microsatellite
IDVGA65 (D6S29), a SSCP marker assigned to BTA6 by means of FISH, genetic and synteny mapping
Ten new cosmid-derived bovine microsatellite markers
Genetic mapping of 26 cosmid-derived bovine microsatellite markers
Ovine dinucleotide repeat polymorphism at eight anonymous loci
Ovine dinucleotide repeat polymorphisms at four anonymous loci
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