Characterization of rabbit DNA microsatellites extracted from the EMBL nucleotide sequence database
Intra- and interbreed genetic variations of mitochondrial DNA major non-coding regions in Japanese native dog breeds (Canis familiaris)
The relative abundance of a salivary protein, bSP30, is correlated with susceptibility to bloat herds selected for high or low bloat susceptibility
Comparison of protein markers and microsatellites in differentiation of cattle populations
Syntenic assignment of dopamine tautomerase (DCT) to bovine chromosome 12
Optimization of single-strand conformation polymorphism and sequence analysis of the mitochondrial control region in Pagellus bogaraveo (Sparidae, Teleostei)
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Dinucleotide polymorphism at the bovine potassium voltage gated channel locus (KCNA4)
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Sequencing of a novel cDNA and mapping to bovine chromosome 3 by single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP)
Two microsatellites on pig chromosome 7
A polymorphic porcine dinucleotide repeat S0532 (BHT487) at chromosome 13q48
A polymorphic porcine dinucleotide repeat S0531 (BHT10) at chromosome 1p22
Anonymous sheep microsatellite markers McM4, McM105, McM126, McM380, McM541 and McM554
Four polymorphic microsatellites in turbot Scophthalmus maximus
Mapping two bovine marker loci, IDVGA66 (D16S34) and IDVGA76 (D14S35) by SSCP