Classification of the southern African sanga and East African shorthorned zebu
Chromosomal assignment of six muscle-specific genes in cattle
Relationship of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 genotypes with growth and carcass traits in swine
Contribution to the physically anchored linkage map of the pig
Genetic diversity of Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): microsatellite variation and a comparison with protein-coding loci
DNA polymorphisms in the chicken growth hormone gene: response to selection for disease resistance and association with egg production
Associations of GH gene variants with performance traits in F2 generations of European wild boar, Piétrain and Meishan pigs
Microsatellite markers in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Ovine-specific Y-chromosome RAPD-SCAR marker for embryo sexing
Characterization of CR1 repeat random PCR markers for mapping the chicken genome
Assignment of the casein kinase II gene family to cattle chromosomes
A SINE-associated polymorphism at the bovine retinol binding protein 3 gene
A three-allele PstI RFLP at the porcine glucocorticoid receptor (GRL) gene
PvuII RFLPs at SLA class II loci
RFLPs at the porcine growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) gene
A DraI RFLP at the porcine insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 (IGFBP3) gene
Eight canine microsatellites
Identification of carriers of the Welsh CASA1 variant using an allele-specific PCR method
Two SSCP alleles detected in the 5′-flanking region of bovine IGF1 gene
Sex-specific PCR/RFLPs in the canine ZFY/ZFX loci
Assignment of the canine microsatellite CanBern1 to canine chromosome 13q21
Five bovine microsatellite markers derived from a bovine cosmid library